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Slumberrr Partyyy :D

12 May 2010
I love sleepovers a whole lot.
Playing with cornstarch and water.
Eating quinoa and m&ms.
Wearing face masks.
Taking pictures.
Not deciding on a movie.
Laying on a mattress floor in a lovely home.
Looking through an especially good Book.
A lot of really good talking about 
a lot of really good things.
And enjoying it all with these lovely ladies. 


  • Reply Stacy 12 May 2010 at 06:41

    Sorry I missed out on the slumber-party… didn’t want to intrude on the original Hale 2 gang!
    P.S. My bed was so much more comfy than the floor! :)

  • Reply Anita 12 May 2010 at 07:01

    Ohh Stacy, there was a mattress on the floor lol and no roaches.
    oh how i love sleepovers – i thought i had grown too old for them- but nope. Fun night! sweeeet blogging Chelsea Smeller

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