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April 2010

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Thankful Thursday

30 April 2010

Each Thursday, Sister and I like to write on these pretty heart shaped post its some things we’re especially thankful for.

Today my list includes:
-popsicles, and yes, I’ve had 6 today
-yummy green soup
-new incense and incense holder
Priesthood blessings, and those friends worthy to give them
-cell phone, to always call the parentals
-sweet awesome box of goodies from Hayley
-facebook of course
-Mary-Kate and Ashley movies
-mission prep class
-pictures, and ones that don’t get deleted
-new doggy friends
-Robby Reeves
-my callling and working with Bishop
-and of course my dear roomie, Stacy boy

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tomber malade

29 April 2010

I am sick.
No energy.
No motivation.
Sore sore throat.
Don’t want to swallow anything.
Spent most of the last three days in bed,
trying to sleep, just laying here.
But I’ve got so much to do.
This is no fun.

By the way, my wonderful grandpa has been gone a year now. We all still miss that good man so much. But he’s in a much better place now, and we’ll see him again.

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Blue and Red!

26 April 2010

The colors for the day are blue and red! Why? Because today marks the anniversary of the birth of my favorite twins.
These twinsies are the best. They are always cracking me up. Always. And I miss the days when we’d play in 216. Good times with those genius girls. So lucky they’re in my life.
Happy Birthday Lexy and Lenny!

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One Year.

25 April 2010

It’s been an entire year since I’ve left Jerusalem.
The sadness and longing never goes away.

But most fortunately, the happiness never leaves either.

Holy Moly Holy Land I miss it and everyone and everything so much!

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the coolest dude on the planet

23 April 2010

is Robby Reeves.

And it’s his birthday today.

I miss Robby a lot. He lived with my family for many many years, but doesn’t anymore. It’s bittersweet.
Robby is the best though. There isn’t anyone who is happier with life than he is. He’s so good and so fun and I love hanging out with him.
I wish I got to see him more, because this cool kid makes me happy. I love Robby Reeves! And I hope he has a happy happy birthday.

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Break: Over Exposure

19 April 2010

Semester over. Break time.
A week off to do whatever I want.
Except sad that so many peeps are gone now.
Too many goodbyes.
It happens though.

Here’s what else happened:

Cruised around the island in this sweet ride beaucoup, mostly with this Sister girl and Anito.

Jammed to the pod the whole time in the car. Listened to sweet tunes such as Journey, Sufjan Stevens, Mason Jennings, Billy Joel, First Aid Kit, Regina Spektor, Matt Costa, and more.

Went to a beautiful Buddhist temple where Sister, Anita, and I made a new friend from Singapore. Funny man.

Rung a giant gong to spread happiness and such.

Made some beautiful wishes.

Played on the beach of course!

Went to Swap Meet with some lovely amigas.

Worked on my ukulele skills. It’s progressing well.

Discovered some Cadbury mini eggs at Pricebusters! Then proceeded to eat too many of them. Somehow that always happens. :)

I also spent much time enjoying the beautiful Hawaiian sky and sun and trees and everything. I love being here. And this blessed school is so perfect for me.

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nijntje op de fiets

19 April 2010

Miffy rides a bike.
I ride a bike.

Should I take marine bio or not take marine bio?

Tis complete with Enya, yogi tea, and incense.

Early to bed, early to rise,
makes one healthy, wealthy, and wise.

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Spring Cleaning

12 April 2010

is good.
But it is much better when you’re not being forced to do it.
Speaking of that, I no like HRI lately.
They’re the property management people over our house.
They are being especially dumb these days.

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Anita Bonita

12 April 2010

Our dearest wonderful Anita friend just turned 22. To celebrate the anniversary of her birth, we presented her with a yummy vegan cupcake on the beach at midnight.

Then we had a party at our house after church and Anita got to blow out more candles and make more wishes! Hooray!

We had some yummy yummy food. Quinoa, fruits, veggies, hummus, lumpia, cookies, and cupcakes! Yummo! Twas fabulouso.

We had such a lovely little party celebrating lovely Anita. 

That girl is so wonderful. I love her so much. What would I do without her in my life? I just love being with her so muchos. She makes me a happy girl. And so HAPPY birthday to yo Anito!

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Graduation: Hawaii Style

11 April 2010

putting a lei on dearest Gibby

Leinani, my wonderful 2nd counselor, with leis up to her eyeballs


Jesus and April, my favorite Mexicans :)

Becky and Tareiha, wonderful wonderful sisters

This will be me someday sort of soon, suffocating in leis, probably in three more semesters, or about 2013. :)

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10 April 2010

Done with papers!
Done with homeworks!
Done with exams!
Done with class!
And I am freeeee for a week!

To celebrate this blessed event, I went thrift shopping with Katie and Nate. There’s this awesome Goodwill Surplus store downtown and we found a wicked good Savers too. It was an absolutely delightful day of freedom. I love thrift stores so so much. And I really love those Williams a lot too. Perfect.
Sister and I made a bunch of yummy candy leis too because graduation is almost here! Glad I’m not graduating yet. Very glad.

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No more class.

8 April 2010

Semeester is almost done.

Been spending a lot of time in Hale 5 lately with all my lovely Relief Society sisters. I just love them all a lot. A lot.
Sat in Kenze girl’s room the other night and watched her pack. :) Took her to the airport early in the morn and I’m gonna miss that girly. I’ll miss all those girlies.
I love our Relief Society.

Had a class party at Brother Ford’s house too, complete with Rock Band, yummy food, and some very good people.

Went to April’s art show too. She just keeps getting more and more incredible.

Got a sweet awesome box from Tingy boy in the mail too, full of wonderful presents. And I got a very happy card from Sashie. I just know the greatest people in the world. But really if you get to know people well enough, they’re all pretty great.

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Hoppy Easter

4 April 2010
I love Easter. Such a glorious time of year.
It is especially glorious having General Conference all weekend. So good. Gen Conf is the best.
You know what else is the best? Waking up and discovering Sister hid a little Easter bag full of chocolate treats for me to find. I love Easter time.
And it was so incredible being in Jerusalem last year for Easter.
I could not have spent Easter in a better place or with better people. It was the absolutely best of the the best.
Reading in the New Testament about Christ’s last week and picturing myself in all of the places makes this whole week so much more meaningful and real.
Christ entered triumphantly into Jerusalem, with His divinity being recognized. It is now known as Palm Sunday.
A few days later, on Thursday, Maundy Thursday, he had a Passover feast with his disciples, where he institued the sacrament and where he announced that one of his belobed disciples would betray him.
Later that night, he went as he was wont to the Mt. of Olives with some of his disciples. They came to Gethsemane, and Christ told his disciples to “Watch and pray, lest ye enter not into tempataion.” This garden, at these olives trees, is where our Savior suffered ALL the pains and sorrows and sins of the world. There is not one thing he did not suffer, and he did it alone.
Then came Judas Iscariot with the Roman guard to arrest Christ. It was late in the night and Christ was pained and exhausted. They took him to the high priests house where he was mocked and hurt. Then he went from Pilate, to Herod Antipas, and back to Pilate. Where he was bitterly scourged and humiliated in front of many he knew and taught. He was forced to carry his own cross on the Via Dolorosa, the Way of Sorrows, on his way to Golgotha, where he was nailed to a cross and crucified. This day was Good Friday, good often meaning holy.
After Christ died, Joseph of Arimethia begged for his body so he could put him in his tomb. Nicodemus annointed Christ’s body with very expensive oils. Christ was laid to rest in Joseph of Arimethia’s tomb, a borrowed tomb.
Saturday passed. Then came Sunday, the first Easter. Christ overcame death and was resurrected. Mary went to the tomb to pay tribute to her Lord, but he was not there. Angels said to her, “He is not here, for he is risen.” Christ then came and showed his risen self to the people.
He is risen. A very happy Easter.
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4 April 2010
I know this very wonderful girl. Her name is Anita. She’s from NZ and is completely lovely. 
She lives in the hales and most unfortunately for her, she discovered her mattress has a bad case of bed bugs. Eww. 
She did a very good job of exterminating them though so hopefully they’ll be all gone. And then she came over to my house did more bug exterminating. We had like 5 million flies in here and Anito just killed them all, like a champ. 
Then we watched Harry Potter 1 and 2 and ate fajitas and looked at lots funny pictures from freshman year. So wonderful. And now her name is Extermanita and I love her so much.
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Robert Wilhelm Eberhard von Bunsen

1 April 2010

That’s what I decided to name my penguin friend.

Why, may you ask, am I naming my penguin friend Robert Wilhelm Eberhard von Bunsen

The answer is threefold.

1.) I like to give names to inanimate objects, whether it is a bike, laptop, car, cell phone, or any one of my many little friends, I like when they have good names.
2.) Robert Wilhelm Eberhard von Bunsen is one of those good names!
3.) It’s Bunsen Burner Day! And Robert Wilhelm Eberhard von Bunsen invented the Bunsen Burner! Perfecto.

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Flashback to Tel Dan

1 April 2010

I just found this happy happy picture while browsing through my Jerusalem friends old blogs, back in the Jerusalem days most of them blogged. :)

A grand mahalos to Moon for taking this lovely picture.

Oh how I miss times like these with such dear friends, holding hands and skipping through enchanted forest paths… how beautiful.