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3 June 2010
Yes, Anito is now a brunette, and a very beautiful one too. I love her muchos.
I finished all my homeworks and exams and feel semi-free, but I still have lots to do, packing, cleaning, mahalos, alohas.
I was sitting on a nice little bench yesterday and met this little friend that flew over to my hand. Her name is Bella.
I sat there on that bench with Bella and thought about how grateful I am for so many people here and how much I am going to miss them. 
So I went and fetched some mahalo/aloha cards and am going to give them to some lovely people that I am so grateful for and so sad to say goodbye to.
My friend Seven gave me a card telling me so many nice things. It made me feel so warm and fuzzy inside. I want to make other people feel that way too.
Twas also a lovely beach day today with these two ladies.

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