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Last Sunday :(

31 May 2010

I am so sad to leave BYUH 20th ward. I love this ward so so much.
   It was so sad to have our last Relief Society presidency meeting this morning. I’m not ready to be done with that. And I was quite sad in my last PEC meet for a while too. I really love those meetings. I have so enjoyed my Sundays full of meetings and visits.

   It was especially sad when the ward sang Aloha Oe to those of us who are leaving this week. And the bishopric came around and put leis on all of our necks during the song… ah I will miss this place, and this ward, and especially my current bishopric, and especially Bishop. He is the greatest.
   I’ve learned so much from him. And he taught the lesson today during Priesthood/Relief Society and it was so good. He talked a lot about happiness (my favorite thing) and how the Gospel is our source of complete happiness. True true. And I love the Gospel too.
   And in a few weeks I’ll be finding out where I’ll preach it! :D

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30 May 2010

I love mangoes.
Especially when I get to pick them fresh off my friend’s mango tree after playing a sweet round of bananagrams!

Amidst our recent times of fresh mangoes, we have also had a few more cockroach encounters. Fortunately we’ve just found them dying on their backs. 
I’ve also decided that I really like stripes, though not necessarily in this quantity, and it is most likely best to not wear such an outfit in public, even to a Wizard of Oz play.

Stacy has been doing a bit of riding of bike lately. I love it. She must love it too. Seriously who wouldn’t?
Life is splendid for me, here and now, and forever more. 
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Aurevoir Wilma!

29 May 2010

We sold our car today.
So perfectly it worked out.
I love when things work out; it seems to happen that way a lot for me.
Tis lovely a nice envelope full of cash now. I’ve missed cash. :)
But now I miss Wilma.

Mahalos to our car Wilma for facilitating muchos adventuring for us around the blessed isle.

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ces derniers temps

28 May 2010
I LOVE splendid nights of arts and crafts and lovely ladies!
Sister makes some yummo yummo curry and I love eating it. 
I got a random new dress and hat. Cool beans huh? Yes, I kinda likeo. 
Did some hw on the beach. 
Finished my research paper, and I feel very free. I love free.

P.S. Do your home and visiting teaching! :)

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Sweet Dreams

26 May 2010

I really love being told “Sweet dreams!”
I love it a lot.
Unfortunately I don’t think I will have sweet dreams tonight,
or any dreams, or much sleep at all.
I’m working on a research paper that I must turn in tomorrow.
I really really really do not like writing papers.
I just want this to be done.
I just want to sleep.
I just want sweet dreams.
But so much so much to do.

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riddles and missionaries

24 May 2010


-Mahalos to Elder Thompson, for bringing so many very random jokes and funnies to the world, and especially to ward council and Sunday School.
-Mahalos to Sister Thompson, for being such a wonderful Relief Society mentor and for giving my presidency and I yummy cookies tonight.
-Mahalos to the Remunds, for supporting 20th ward in every way and for being such wonderful people. They will be so missed when they leave in a month.

Missionary couples are the best. I want to be one someday, preferably in Jerusalem. :) I guess now I’ll just settle for going on my own mission this fall, and pretty sure not in Jerusalem. Hopefully I finish my papers in the next two weeks! 
{Here’s my old Relief Society, my first one here at school. I love this RS so much. But I especially love so so much the one we have now and the one from Winter. Ah I love those sisters muchos.}

Only one more Sunday in BYUH 20th ward. I am so sad about that. Oh I will miss it so, during church stuffs the entiiiire day, visiting sisters, meeting with Bishop, planning things with presidency,  meetings galore, learning lots and lots… it’s the best. What a glorious five months this has been.

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22 May 2010

The other day while I was supposed to be working on my research paper, I somehow started to watch ImprovEverywhere videos. Check them out here. It’s a super cool little organization that brings lots of “chaos and joy” to people’s lives. I love them. Funnnnny stuffs.

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21 May 2010
And moreover, I would desire that ye should consider on
the blessed and happy state
of those that keep the commandments of God. 
For behold, they are blessed in ALL things,
both temporal and spiritual;
and if they hold out faithful to the end
they are received into heaven,
that thereby they may dwell with God
in a state of never-ending happiness. 
O remember, remember that
these things are true for the Lord God hath spoken it.
Mosiah 2:41
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Did you know?

19 May 2010
Did you know that MJ visited the PCC?

Did you know this?

And did you know that 40-250 wallabies live on Oahu, due to an escape in 1916? Bishop told us on the temple trip the other day. He’s practically all knowing.

Did you know this? I hope so.

Did you know I am eating a yummo homemade acai bowl as I blog and do homeworks?

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18 May 2010
     This is Yesenia. She is a lifesaver for me and Sister. We came home from her house Sunday night and as we come to the front door, we see a big roach on the kitchen floor. I successfully kill it with a boogie board. 

    Then we go upstairs to get ready for bed and I hear Stacy scream in her room. Another big roachie just scurried into her closet underneath stuff. I do not want to deal with this. I do not want to spend another hour tearing apart a bedroom to hunt down a stupid scary cockroach.

     So Yesenia comes over. Brave, fearless, she digs through the closet hunting roachie. He runs out, we scream a bit, but Yesenia gets him.
     But then Sister screams louder and there is another big roach in the top of her closet! Yesenia tries to get it with the broom but it ends up running under the bed, where all my suitcases are. So we dig them out, shake them out, and can’t find roachie. He’s not under the other bed either. Bugger. 
     But we find him under a duffel bag and Yesenia kills him like a true Amazon woman. Then she searches through the rest of the stuff making sure there aren’t more. What a lifesaver she is. 
     I’m so over this cockroach infestation. Last night there was another one too. But he was in the kitchen. I tried to get him but he ran under the stove. An hour later he creeps out and is crawling on the fridge. So fortunately Ally walked in at that moment and was able to capture him for us. What would I do without these amazing women in my life?
     I need to get over this deep roach fear. It’s not as bad if they’re downstairs or on the floor not moving, but if they’re running all over my bed and hiding in my room, it is not okay.
     And seven big cockroaches in six days is really not okay. But I’ll be back in roach free Alaska in 2.5 weeks, very bittersweet.
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Big Island Temple!

16 May 2010

Flew over to the Big Island with some ward members to go to the temple again, since the Laie temple won’t be open for a while still. Woke up at 2:30 am after four hours of sleep. Flew from Oahu to Big Island at 5 am. Jack and Ayako looking fine and dandy.
Got to the temple. Did baptisms. It was beautiful helping save souls. Met a wonderful woman at the temple. We exchanged addresses. :)
Tried to take some group pictures at the temple. Slightly unsuccessful. Go. Danny. Brandon. Laurelle. Ayako. JJ! Moi. Bishop. And Jack, Andrew, Bro. Camp, and the Remunds not pictured. 
Driving around the island in a sweet huge van. The Big Island is so crazy cool. So many different climates. So many different beauties. 
There’s even a zebra!! Why? No idea. It was just penned up like the cows and stuff. Random. I was so excited to see this. But I feel bad. Zebra might be kind of sad with no zebra friends. 
We went to Volcano National Park where I used to second most cool bathroom I’ve ever used. The coolest one of course being in Petra. But this one here was just like in sweet jungle rainforest green beautifulness. 
Had fun with dear Ayako walking through Thurston Lava Tube. This lava tube reminded me a bit of Hezekiah’s Tunnel, or of the billions of cisterns we went through in the Holy Land.
Enjoyed the best nature walks I’ve been on in a while. Slightly reminiscent of some Jeruness.
I saw some neato plants and animals allllll day long. There were sweet awesome huge ferns and fiddleheads and such. 
I even got to frolic around in a dress in a volcano!
Felt some hot hot steam. Volcanos are cool, except they’re hot.
It was especially great playing with my Jerusalem amigo, JJ/Gigi, all day. Very good.
Spent four hours in giant sweet van so the peeps just slept. That’s boring. I stayed awake the whole time jibber jabbering away to anyone with eyes slightly open. I got to see so much Big Island beauty! Did some lovely talking with Bishop too, trying to keep him awake. 
I had a great plane ride back. Sat next to a cool beans Canadian couple. I like airplane rides. Twas so nice to have a beautiful rainbow welcome us back to Oahu. 

I am so grateful I went on this trip. I didn’t really want to spend $146 to go, but it was so so worth it. So fun spending time with all these exceptional people.

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15 May 2010

I decided to be a very good friend and send Carla her box today that’s been sitting in my closet for 3 months. So I get home from class and fetch the box and dump out all it’s random, happy contents on my bed. Then AHHHH!!!

There’s two monster cockroaches scurrying all over my bed! AHHH!!
I’m screaming like a crazy woman. I don’t know what to do. Stacy hears me screaming and doesn’t know what to do either.
I run downstairs and get the broom and vacuum, our cockroach killing weapons. I come back and they’ve creeped under my bed, where they lie with the extra mattress.
By now I have begun sweating profusely and my heart is racing like mad.

At this point we realize we have to tear my bed apart. I take off each piece of bedding piece by piece to make sure it is roach free. I take the mattress off. No roaches yet. Then I slowly start moving the bed around…
The fatty roach comes out, and fast. He dashes for the closet. Bugger. Still screaming a lot and seriously sweating a lot a lot. Stacy does the usual man scream. We know he’s in the closet so I move my tote on the closet floor. There he is, the freaking fatty roach ruining my morning.
I try and get him with the vacuum. Unsuccessful. He just runs up my closet wall to who knows where. Devastated, and scared out of our minds. We focus our efforts on roach #2.

I move the bed around some more and he comes out, makes a mad dash across the floor to the other side of the room, into my pile of bedding. It becomes time for prayer #1. Shirt and forehead becoming drenched with sweat, and heart about to beat out of my chest, I ask Heavenly Father to help us kill the cockroaches. He always helps and I knew I could ask Him to help us kill them, since I currently have no home teachers to come over and do it. :)
I use the vacuum hose to inspect each sheet and pillow and blanket. Stacy stays armed with the broom. Relocate the bedding when we realize he’s not in here. The little devil is in the corner, behind my craft basket and yoga mat. We move the stuff and he come running out again headed for under the bed. We’re screaming and jumping.
Stacy really came through here. Broom in hand she had direct hit after direct hit on mister roach. Dead. Hallelujah. Her heart is beating faster than ever and she’s sweating a bit too. But not nearly as much as me. Please notice my sweaty self in the picture below. Really? Yes.

Now back to fatty monster roach. We think he’s in the other box in the top of my closet, where other roaches might reside too. I’m so scared to dump that box down. I picture tons of cockroaches squirming around all over my floor and I picture Stacy trying to whack them with the broom as I throw down heavy textbooks. I can’t get myself to knock that box down. Prayer #2 comes in. I still can’t do it. So scared.
Stacy girl does what has to be done in crisis situations such as this. She knocks the box down. I scream and jump and rummage through the box with the broom handle. There’s no roach there, which means he’s still in the closet somewhere.
We look all around but he’s nowhere to be found. That means he snuck into the walls or ceiling and is still creeping around probably making more roach babies. That is not awesome.

I don’t really want to sleep in my room tonight. Good thing I’ll be back in Alaska land in a few weeks, far away from all these nasty roaches. I’m still so creeped out. I’m so glad Sister was here though, because this was the most traumatic cockroach episode of my life.
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aujourd’hui en francais

14 May 2010

Je n’ai pas eu de classe si bien sûr je suis allée à la plage! Avec ma soeur et notre ami. Je dirais que c’étais un jour amusant.

I didn’t have any class so of course I went to the beach! With my sister and our friend. I would say it was a fun day.

I really need to work on my meager French skills.
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Limerick Day!

13 May 2010
In honor of National Limerick Day, here are two limericks that Bro. Skinner told us on the bus, I think in Jordan, and I think when the Matthew bus broke down. Bro. Skinner is super cool. So are those girls pictured to the left. They love limericks.
There was an enchanting young bride
who ate many green apples and died.
The apples fermented
inside the lamented
and made cider inside her inside.
There was a young fellow named Clyde
who fell in an outhouse and died.
Along came his brother
and fell in another
and now they’re interred side by side.

Had class today from 7:30 – 12.

Went to the beach. :D
Played at a dear amiga’s house.
I love school. And I really love friends.
And I especially love BYUH, there is no better school for me.
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Slumberrr Partyyy :D

12 May 2010
I love sleepovers a whole lot.
Playing with cornstarch and water.
Eating quinoa and m&ms.
Wearing face masks.
Taking pictures.
Not deciding on a movie.
Laying on a mattress floor in a lovely home.
Looking through an especially good Book.
A lot of really good talking about 
a lot of really good things.
And enjoying it all with these lovely ladies. 

Hoppy Mother’s Day!

10 May 2010

Have you met my favorite person in the world? You should.
She’s absolutely lovely.

[pictured about 30 years ago]

This is the woman who gives her life for mine. There is no one I love more than her.

Random list what I love about my mother dear:
-neverrrr grumpy
-very distracted/focused driving
-cooking, what a chef
-selfless service always
-closet full of good clothes
-simultaneously reading and walking
-liking day old popcorn
-colorful walls
-bringing home new obscure animals
-being her bed buddy
-endless supply of craft supplies
-funny funny
-colorful robes
-delicious bread, yum yum
-yummy cookies too of course
-texts from her
-toast messes
-full bookshelves
-celtic woman sunday mornings
-interests in alternative stuffs
-her alaskan womaness
-love for flowers
-twirly gig windsock on antenna
-massive collection of movies
-always so cheerful
-always makes me happy
-always being the best mother she can be

I love you Mumsy.
Mahalo for being so good to me every single day of your life!