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27 July 2010

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right now

27 July 2010

packing for girls camp
    –should’ve gotten ready earlier. classic.
wearing sweats
    –like always these days. eat fish wear grundens.
have my funny columbia hood on
    –I’m cold. I miss not being cold.
listening to Silver and Gold by Danielle Ate the Sandwich
   –my new favorite. love this song and her.
eating coconut m&ms
   –many thanks to dear Anita
smell like fish and bleach
   –I like it. and I love cleaning boats. best summer job ever.
sitting in my sunshine yellow room
   –I love having space. and I love my car muchos.
looking at pictures from my grand Jerusalem adventures
   –miss miss miss love love love. the best times ever.

[Easter morning at the Garden Tomb. One of the best days of all time.]
Talk to you in a few days Blog Land. :)