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20 September 2010

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sharpies + chicken eggs = Stacy’s best idea ever

20 September 2010
“Come outside, Chels. I have something to show you.”
Stacy whips two sharpies out of her pockets.
“Let’s go draw on the chicken eggs!”
We run back to Holly and Jordin’s chickens house and see four beautiful chicken eggs.
Later we fetch Natalie and Katy to go check the eggs.
Natalie says, “Heeeeeey, someone colored on the eggs.”

Natalie girl pulls out the little eggies and Stacy and I snicker snicker.
Then Natalie proceeds to play with them for a while, 
until Mama informs her that we don’t play with chicken eggs.
So she plays with the neighbor girly instead.
And Katy waters plants in the greenhouse.
Another day of sunshine with my sistas and my nieces.