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7 February 2011

   This past week we’ve been focusing on learning from our trials and challenges, realizing that through our trials, and through our times of discouragement and despondency, we can become so much closer to our Heavenly Father and learn so much more about the Atonement.
   Christ suffered every single mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual suffereing we have ever suffered, and as we go through trials and down times, we cen become more grateful to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ for the atonement. It depends greatly on our attitude, and how we accept and grow through our challenges. Just rely on the Lord. Conversar com nosso Pai Celestial.
    And we really do need opposition in all things. Those hard times make the good times so much better! Yippee skippee! 
    So basically, the mission has lots of hard times. Heat, cockroaches and ants :), new languages, lots and lots of hard work… People promising they’ll come to church on Sunday, then you get ready early, get a member with a car, and go out to pick people up for church, then no one is home or they’re sleeping, and you have no investigators at church with you, when you had lots of people committing to go the day before. Discouraging. But then it is so fantástico when you find those golden elect people, those who have been hungering for the gospel, and those who come to church and baptismal services! 
    This week was good in the hood, like always. I went on my first division! And I only ahve 6 weeks here! Ahhh. I was a bit nervous to be going out all day without my companion and with a member instead, but it was such a fantastic day. We taught coolio peeps, talked with lots of people, and had much much fun of course. And yes yes, ofcourse I grew muchly. 
    I’m just learning and loving lots out here. There’s no where else I’d rather be right now, adn this is where I need to be. Despite the fact that I had a cockroach crawl on my foot this morning as I was doing my laundry, everything is great. And the rice and beans are getting more and more delicious everyday. :) And it’s actually time for me to go eat some rice and beans now with our favorite Sorvete family now! 
    Boa sorte e bom dia também! Amo vocês, claro! 
-Sister Owens

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