end of first transfer

7 February 2011

My first transfer just finished with much success and goodness! And now transfer number two has commmenced. I1m with Sister Morales still (yay!) and we’re in the lovely Jardim da Penha on the lovely isle of Vitória. 
    This transfer shall be an excellent 6 weeks. We have some really great people we’re teachign right now and I love them so much. It is such a blessing being an instrument in the Lord’s hands bringing the gospel and the spirit to these elect people! 
     Missionary work is so fun these days. Portuguese is improving on a daily basis, thank goodness, an dI love meeting these wonderful people and just how good they are. People are really good and Christian here. In fact the other day we were teaching this one super nice lady, Ivane, who we contacted one rainy day in the rain rain, and as missionaries, we get a bit tired at times. And Sister Morales had yawned and the lady asked if she wanted to go take a nap on her bed. They’re just so nice and welcoming. Although of course, we don’t usually take naps at people’s houses. 
     But funny story, the other week we were teaching this cool lady who makes rainbow jello and gives us delicious mango juice, and I was pretty much falling asleep in the lesson. Both of my companions were doing most of the teaching and I was sitting there, perhaps dozing off, fighting so hard to keep my eyes open. Soooo funny. If there’s a part of the lesson where I don’t talk for a while, it becomes a bit on the difficult side to keep my heavy eyelids up. :)
      I’m so happy I’m here. Missionary work is defintely work though. Maybe that’s why I’ve been so tired. Never worked so hard in my life. :) We walk and talk all day long. And we laugh all day long too. Just having soooo much funny and so many funny things are happening.
      Lots of funny things with Portuguese too. I’m learning the small differences in some words that make big changes in the meaning. Such as “com ela” (with her) and “comi ela” (I ate her). Now I’m focusing a bit more on saying “with her” instead of telling people about some other people I ate. I don’t like to eat people. 

     PS Many mahalos to Elena and Alexis and Hayley and Crystal for the lovely mail I got. Mail makes me like the happiest earthling ever. Obrigadão! 

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