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5 March 2012


Happy Valentines Day (a little late)

5 March 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day! I don’t even know what to start writing because I just read emails from my lovely family and looked at beautiful fotos they sent me of Stacy and Scott’s wedding! Woo hoo! So I’m just focused on that right now and don’t know what to say. But my sista is beautiful and I’m so happy to have a new brother in law. Heavenly Father is blessing us all a lot a lot! 

As always, I still love being here in Quissamã with Sister Cunha and we’re happy for P-day today to be able to rest our little minds and legs and make cookies! We’re doing lots of Family Home Evenings (que alegria!) and will be presenting the wonder and awe of cookies this week. 

This city is wonderful and we had some lovely adventures this week, riding the free bus to the boonies, teaching one of the Lord’s elect as she made tapioca/bijú, watching some meninos make a dog sled (see foto), picking lots of divine fruits, visiting Raimundo and Berenice (eleitos) at their little house in the wilderness and eating pão de queijo (breaded cheese basically) with guava sweet paste doce thing, and more adventures too!
I love Quissamã and the filhos de Deus here.

Another little story… there’s a man here named Abel, who goes all around Quissamã putting salt everywhere, on the streets on the sidewalks, we find traces of him everywhere. :) This week we saw him and we always talk to him and invite him to church and baptism, but he asked if he could consecrate our feet with consecrated vinegar he had. This is an offer that you can’t refuse, so he got out his bottle of vinegar and poured a few drops of vinegar between out toes. :) Now my feet are consecrated and the work shall continue to go forth. :D 
The field is white already to harvest.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all! :)
Love Sister Owens