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28 March 2012

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Three weeks left…

28 March 2012

Aloha! I just got back from a little buggy ride on the beach with our
elect investigator family! But we spent so much time playing that
we’ve got no time to write. :) And I’ve got about a bajillion lovely
fotos from these last three weeks but can’t send them yet. Oh well,
you’ll all be seeing them soon enough.

Some days I go a little crazy because I only have three weeks left. So
many different feelings that just don’t go together. Happy, sad,
anxious, excited, nervous, bdfjkahdasldk. Lots of things going on. But
it is all lovely and I remember Ecclesiastes 3:1-8. To everything
there is a season (turn turn turn)…

As I have said 500 times, I love Quissamã. The members help our little
trio de poder so much. They’re ready and willing to serve at every
moment. I love them muchly.
And they make excellentíssimo almoço too, aka lunch is delish. hehe

Quissamã is so beautiful and it is so fun with bikes! We go so many
more places and meet so many more peoples. Oh the places we go! The
natureza here is perfect, and how I will forever miss the divine fruit

And tis avocado season. One of our recent converts gave me a big giant
avocado and he gives us cows milk from the farm too. My lovely comps
made cheese with the cows milk and twas yum yum yummy.

I need to prepare to enter the cold because soon I will be back in the
snow land. But before that, I will be playing in Rio!! Woo hoo I am so
grateful for the many angels the Lord puts in my path. Life is good
and will get even better.

Sunday was grand. We had lots and lots of investigators at church. And
lots and lots of less actives too! The frequency was 100+!! We call
this… milagre. I believe in miracles. (and fairies, clap your

Quissamã is in desperate need of a church building. And with these
members working so hard and with God sending so many angels here,
we’re hoping that they’ll announce chapel construction this year. I
hope Sister Cunha and Sister Nicascio stay here this next transfer to
continue this obra maravilhosa.

My sista sent me a lovely joke. A knee slapper.
Q. What did the buffalo say to his son when he left for college?
A. Bison.

I think I’ll end with that for today. Have a happy week and know that
we ye are in the service of your fellow beings, ye are only in the
service of your God. (Mosiah 2:17). I love King Benjamin. Obrigada for
the letters and cards and birthday wishes and love and prayers! Tchau!

Com amor, Sister Owens