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7 March 2012



7 March 2012

Happy CARNAVAL! Brasil sure loves a festa! It was/is carnaval weekend
and in Quissama, we live on the main street and all of the floats and
parties and music and everything was right in front of our house. So
it didn`t go to well sleeping last night. :)
And we had to get up nice and early today because woo hoo, festa in
VITORIA with the Sisters! A nice little 7 hour onibus trip does good
for anyone! And we`ll stay here in Vitoria tonight and tuesday night
and back to RIO on wednesday. It is so good being here and is so
beautiful and I love these sisters! Life is goooood as a little

This week, was delightful. oh my goodness, the lunches this week were
soooo good. Lots of yummy fish and salads and fruits and of course…
rice and beans! I love Quissama!
Beth got baptised too! Yay! It si so wonderful to be able to help
people and to see people making the right choices! Because everyone
has agency to be able to choose between the good and the bad. (2 Nephi
2:27) And when we choice the good side, woo hoo blessings! When we
follow the Spirit, we are happy! yay!

As you see from the pictures, life is full of adventures and funny
things and wonderful people. We find just what we look for.

A funny for the week: Luis asked me, “Are you from Siberia?”
And good news, I bought some lovely grapes. 2 boxes for 4 reais! Oh alegria!

Have a happy healthy week! Only 2 more weeks to this transfer and then
only one more trasnfer of 6 weeks. Weird. I love this lovely life as
Sister Owens.

And… to everything there is a season. Ecclesiastes 3:1-8