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22 June 2012

We moved from this lovely house to a lovely little apartment by the Farmer’s Market (yay!).

Mom and Holly girl worked a lot and I had fun playing with my nieces and cleaning boats and helping out a bit. :)

This is 11:11. You best believe I was making wishes.

We left our Alaskan home for a few weeks and I drove to Anchorage with Mom and Pops. Dad went to work and me and Mom are now in Utah!

And I totally saw Jeff (Jerusalem buddy!) at the Salt Lake City airport.
Looking to seeing many more buddies here in UTAH land.

Though I certainly am missising these two sunshines.

Got to UTAH and then we roadtripped for a few hours to get to Zion Ponderosa! Had some dove chocolate promises on the drive, which usually help everything out. Saw some wildlife and had some goodie chats.

These many beautiful kiddos of my cousins played at McDonald’s playplace, where I met a brasileira from Rio de Janeiro! We spoke portugues and it was grand.

Went for a delightful evening stroll.
I love my fam and these peeps and the funny things they do and say.
And I saved a hummingbird today. Nature is perfect.

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  • Reply Stacy 22 June 2012 at 21:31

    Thanks for blogging sister!
    Aww Markee!!! Tell him his favorite niece says Hi and sends her love!!!
    Wishing I was there :(

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