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grand post of grand utah fun :D

30 June 2012
I’ve been so busy playing that I haven’t had time to blog!
I am enjoying being here in Utah very much.

Lauren is my roommate from BYU Jerusalem. We sat at the Provo temple and caught up and chatted of good ol’ Jeru times and peoples.
 Visited more Jeru girls too! I went to Jerusalem with Elyse and she and Cambrai served in the same mission as Hermana Cottam!

 Hung out with my mom and her siblings. Played some piano. Ate some food. And bought lots of treasures to send to my dear missionários e amigos in Brazil. Had a sleepover with my dear amigas from BYU Jerusalem and learned some spanish.
Went to the Provo temple and did lots of good things and learned much.
Then I saw my mission trainer and met her fiance!! Yahoo!
Went to the Mount Timapogos temple with Grandma. Beautiful.
 Then we got sandwiches and visited with her neighbor, who had recently received a visit from President Uchtdorf! I love old ladies and someday I will be crazy one.
 Went to Moralesinha’s bridal shower! Yahoo!
 And we journeyed to the movies with her funny fabulous family. It’s funny hanging out with mission peeps outside of the mission. :) And lovely.

Lunched with Jotinha aka Jeff, one of the mission’s coolest district leaders.
 And I volunteered at the MTC (where I previoustly spent two wonderful months learning how to be a sister missionary). I volunteered in the trc, role playing as a less active member and oh my goodness I LOVE missionaries! And then I hung out with Connie while she was working there too. Twas so lovely. I love the MTC.
And I love the Provo temple.
 Did baptisms there with cousin Lindsay and her roomie.
 Then had more cousin fun with the Farnworths and we ate Cafe Rio.
PS Check out the sweet purple van behind us.
 And we went to Brave! It was so cutesy with so many lovely thoughts.. And oh my goodness did you notice my new thrift store find?? They’re hanging on my ears… camel earrings!!!
 And had a fun sleepover with Lindsay and Heidi girl! I love cousins.

We played at 7 Peaks in the sunshine! Water parks are semi weird to me. Where’s the ocean? Why are there so many peeps around? And why is it so expensive? Pois é, I love the beach.
Buuut… Lindsay and I totally went down this big orange slide. Super fun.
 And my sunburn has been peeling like a basilisk! Eeeee.
Saw this sweet Llama Fest sign! I love llamas. And I love my new camel earrings. I went and saw uncle Mark too. I love family.
I love the Skinner’s party palace and watching Heavy Weights outside under the stars!! We played fun games and ate yummy foods and celebrated Suzie’s birthday!
Jerusalem girlies! Now all as returned missionaries. :)

I blogged.
I went and visited my dear uncle Mark again.

He shared with me a quote, which comes from the prophet Lorenzo Snow:
“As man now is, God once was; as God is now man may be.”

And then I got to see my dear friend Jenny from home(r) and meet her husband and see her pregnant belly! Twas lovely catching up on two years of happenings.

It’s super hot here. Thank goodness for the air conditioning. Obrigada.

And hopefully Mom will have no more pneumonia next week so we can all play!
PS When did today become the last day of June?
Many lovely things to do here and many lovely peoples to do it with.
Going to Music and the Spoken Word tomorrow morn! 

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