Tie-dye is my favorite color.

15 June 2012

I met a boy on the docks in a lovely tie-dye shirt, very well made.
Upon commenting on the loveliness of his shirt, he said,
“Thanks! Tie-dye is my favorite color!”

Mine too!
I love tie-dye.

And then Chris brought me a perfect pbj to help me finish cleaning boats 6 and 7.
I love pbjs.

I cleaned the Raven guesthouse again today. Super nice.
Listened to sweeeeet podcasts. I looooove podcasts and audiobooks.
Last week while I was cleaning I saw this cute little porcupine!

It’s time for me to go to the harbor and clean more boats, but I’m writing a letter to Sister Gabriela Soneghet! I got a letter from her today! I love letters from Brasil. And all letters.

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