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14 August 2012


a day with my homegirls :)

14 August 2012
I love that all my favorite ladies have been in the same place at the same time.
My mamacita and my sistas and my angel nieces.
We went to Two Sisters Bakery for some goodies.
OMG I’m so in love with this chocolate bread.
Me and Natalie girl hula hooped outside.
And on the way home, Natalie and Katy and I stopped for a watermelon berry picking excursion.
 We do love our adventure walks.
 And an adventure drive in my Penelope ride is good now and again too.
 We also had a chaga tea party! Yes yes!
 Then I took the girlies to the store because I needed to buy my Dave’s Killer Bread.
 And we went and got a bunch of books from the library! 
And we got some dove promises from a lovely friend.
Theeeeeennnn… we ate a giant pizza.
 And Chris took our family pictures. 
A most excellent day.

grumpy kayak day

14 August 2012
Scott, Stacy, Dad, and I paddled across the bay a few days ago.
I was grumpy pants.
I did not want to be there and I did not want to be doing that.
 I did bust out a smile for a picture with Pops.
 But I was not too happy all morning long.
Don’t know why. 
Crazy lady.
 But these three peeps here are excellent kayak companions, and brought smiles to my grumpus pumpus face.
 This little leaf made me happy too.
 And the sunshine was a huge plus.
 What made the biggest difference was me having a solo dance party on the beach to I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) by the Proclaimers. It’s totally one of my new most favorite songs and makes me a happy girl.
The end of the day was lovely with a food party complete with salmon fish kabobs.