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28 March 2013


MARCH FIFTEENTH, Chelsea girl’s birthday

28 March 2013
I LOVE birthdays. Not just my own birthday, but anyone’s birthday. It’s a perfectly lovely reason to celebrate and make things excellent.
I started this friday morning early, smiling and excited for the day. I put on some animal print leggings and tie dye and was prepared for a walk on the beach.
Then we partook of a magically delicious crepe breakfast lovingly prepared by loving friends, Victoria, Alyssa, and Cherisse. It was delish. I was even presented with a birthday crown!
And as soon as I was done with class I went to the beach and wore said crown. :)
After beaching… came thrift storing!
We all left with some super great finds, which always accompanies a thrift store trip.
Mahalos to Cherisse, Alyssa, and the Cabrinha brothers!
And see that sweeeeet yellow vintage pyrex bowl? Stacy and Scott bought one at a thrift store, and I saw this one and of course wanted it, but thought it unreasonable. Especially since I head home for summer soon and I don’t really need it. Buuuut, dear Pono bought it for me. And I’ve been using it a lot ever since.
Then we came home and my other two roomies, Hailey (a super good oven s’more maker) and Taylor, were planning a little surprise camping trip! But it was raining, after they gave me (and Cherisse) birthday packpack backpacks, we had a movie party inside. Complete with a tent and concessions!
Cherisse’s birthday was two weeks before mine. We’re happy in our new thrift store sweaters and leggings! 
Matching leggings!
It was such a good night. 
We watched How to Train Your Dragon with a projector on the wall and had a big sleepover all over the floor. :) Fun times with some of my favorite kids!
I love birthdays. 

March 14th, Pi Day, birthday week

28 March 2013

3-14… it was a great day.
After my super excellent peacebuilding class,
we headed to Hau’ula and hiked to Sacred Falls.

[I’m grateful for my iPhone, Gladys]
I love a good walk in my romper and with my backpack.
Twas beautiful. So nice to listen to the birds.
This must’ve been one big waterfall!
Tradition says that one of the ancient Hawaiian gods hid out in here or something.
I went with Alyssa and Taylor and her friend Brett.
presh. :)
The water was sooooo chilly willy and super deep and I was afraid of a Lochness monster.
I love a good Hawaiian jungle.
It was a great, easy little walk/hike, with no flash floods.

PI day wouldn’t be the same without some time with these little math whizzes.
I opened my lovely birthday package from them. :)

And then came the Jurassic Park and Pumpkin Pie 


I made a couple pumpkin pies. It’s super easy.
And yes, the pie is really as big as it looks. ;)
We had lots of good peeps at our house party!
The pie was great. I love all of them! I love everyone.
And we watched JURASSIC PARK!
It was epic and so classic.

March 13th, the commencement of my birthday week of festa!

28 March 2013
These two crazy twins are my good buddies.
We met here at BYUH in the fall of 2007.
We were all new little freshmen.
We had good times together.
And continue to do so.
Though these days it’s mostly via facetime.

On tuesday the 12th, we had a birthday dinner for Relief Society.
I was just so lucky to run in to Sister Krystal Jones as I was leaving!
We grew up together and she’s serving her mission out here.
It’s so nice to be able to visit her and talk about lovely mission things.
This picture was taken before she got transferred to the Big Island!
I’m glad I got to see her before she headed out!
On wednesday night after going to class and the temple, we went on a little adventure. By Kualoa Ranch there is a cool bunker and stuff and a ton of movie props inside. It was all quite reminiscent of Jurassic Park. :)
We even found bones inside. Eeee….
And some other cool props and movie posters.
And as are many places here on Oahu, this was too very well graffitied. 
I added a little C+C just for kicks. :)
To get to the top we had to climb lots and lots on these little ladders. 
It was a great night with great friends.
There are a ton of super cool things to do here on Oahu. 
There are lots of great people and lots of great food.
I think you can find those great things anywhere you are, 
but it’s just especially easy out here.
So grateful that I chose to study here at BYU-Hawaii.