March 14th, Pi Day, birthday week

28 March 2013

3-14… it was a great day.
After my super excellent peacebuilding class,
we headed to Hau’ula and hiked to Sacred Falls.

[I’m grateful for my iPhone, Gladys]
I love a good walk in my romper and with my backpack.
Twas beautiful. So nice to listen to the birds.
This must’ve been one big waterfall!
Tradition says that one of the ancient Hawaiian gods hid out in here or something.
I went with Alyssa and Taylor and her friend Brett.
presh. :)
The water was sooooo chilly willy and super deep and I was afraid of a Lochness monster.
I love a good Hawaiian jungle.
It was a great, easy little walk/hike, with no flash floods.

PI day wouldn’t be the same without some time with these little math whizzes.
I opened my lovely birthday package from them. :)

And then came the Jurassic Park and Pumpkin Pie 


I made a couple pumpkin pies. It’s super easy.
And yes, the pie is really as big as it looks. ;)
We had lots of good peeps at our house party!
The pie was great. I love all of them! I love everyone.
And we watched JURASSIC PARK!
It was epic and so classic.

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    You have such a cool life. Also I love Jurassic Park even more than pie maybe, what a winning combo.

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