MARCH FIFTEENTH, Chelsea girl’s birthday

28 March 2013
I LOVE birthdays. Not just my own birthday, but anyone’s birthday. It’s a perfectly lovely reason to celebrate and make things excellent.
I started this friday morning early, smiling and excited for the day. I put on some animal print leggings and tie dye and was prepared for a walk on the beach.
Then we partook of a magically delicious crepe breakfast lovingly prepared by loving friends, Victoria, Alyssa, and Cherisse. It was delish. I was even presented with a birthday crown!
And as soon as I was done with class I went to the beach and wore said crown. :)
After beaching… came thrift storing!
We all left with some super great finds, which always accompanies a thrift store trip.
Mahalos to Cherisse, Alyssa, and the Cabrinha brothers!
And see that sweeeeet yellow vintage pyrex bowl? Stacy and Scott bought one at a thrift store, and I saw this one and of course wanted it, but thought it unreasonable. Especially since I head home for summer soon and I don’t really need it. Buuuut, dear Pono bought it for me. And I’ve been using it a lot ever since.
Then we came home and my other two roomies, Hailey (a super good oven s’more maker) and Taylor, were planning a little surprise camping trip! But it was raining, after they gave me (and Cherisse) birthday packpack backpacks, we had a movie party inside. Complete with a tent and concessions!
Cherisse’s birthday was two weeks before mine. We’re happy in our new thrift store sweaters and leggings! 
Matching leggings!
It was such a good night. 
We watched How to Train Your Dragon with a projector on the wall and had a big sleepover all over the floor. :) Fun times with some of my favorite kids!
I love birthdays. 

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  • Reply Stefanie Hathaway 28 March 2013 at 22:05

    This looks like SUCH a fun day. Perfect for you and welcoming in a new year of success. :)

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