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August 2014


We all want to run.

30 August 2014
Today we had the privilege of attending the temple with many of the beloved souls from our Homer ward. I have so much love for the Homer ward family. And it was so special today being in the temple with people who have known, loved, and supported me since I was a little babe and a young whippersnapper. Really special. It was am extra special day too, because our dear Annitta, a recent convert, received her endowment today and I am so glad we could all be there together, bound in our love for each other, the Lord, and his gospel.

A trip to Anchorage is usually accompanied by a stop for pizza at the Moose’s Tooth, as well as a visit to costco, to stock up on the goods. Omg, Moose’s Tooth pizza is the best. So good. Yum. Costco was good too since it’s lots cheaper buying stuff there than here in Homer. But at costco you often end up buying so much more, so it’s probably not too much of a money saver. We did get our most favorite corn chips though! And plenty of frozen fruits, and our favorite bread, and some chocolate chips, and I couldn’t pass up this great raincoat they had too. Good finds. :)
And we came home to our kitties and pup, and then left to go clean boats. Most fortunately, Husband is a helpful one and a great boat cleaner! Work is so much better with him. Play is much better with him too. Life is so good together. 
So I haven’t really been journaling too much lately, but I am blogging more. Feel free to read, or just look at pictures. :) 
Oh! Why I wanted to blog today, was because when we were cleaning boats, Chris made a pretty bloggable statement. We were running down the ramp and on the dock and I talked about how remember being kiddos, and you just wanted to run. And you’d just run and play and be so full of energy. I don’t know why it takes so much effort sometimes now to run, or exercise. But Chris said, “I think deep down, we all want to run.”
That was a pretty good thought. So I said I’d blog about it, and he said maybe I should run a few miles first, haha. That’s a good idea. 

Thumbelina meets Penelope

28 August 2014

I took little Bel for her first ride in my Subaru Penelope the other day! She meowed a lot for the first ten minutes. Then she was fine and cruised around the car checking things out. Then she camped out on my shoulders and neck as we drove out to the spit to meet my dad and help his Belgian hitchhiker friends. 

I just got done browsing through all my blog posts for the past 2+ years. I really love my life and my smelf too. Things and people are really swell. 
It’s work time now. Babysitting the girls last night was great. I love my nieces. Cheers. 



28 August 2014

It’s just after midnight. I’m making cookies. Actually I decided to call them cookied chocolate chips, because there’s more chocolate than there is cookie. YUM! Just like it should be. :)

I’m at my sister and brother in laws house watching my nieces, and Chris just sent me this picture of our kitty. We call her Bel, or Lina, or Thumbelina. Last name Palmer. We love her. 

These cookies, I mean cookied chocolates chips, are being made with love for neighbors, boat captains, cabin owners, família, and of course the Palmer Palace. I love sharing food and treats with others. Spread the joy and share goodness, and health!


27 August 2014

Humans of New York is inspiring. I love their posts @humansofny, that come up on my instagram feed. So humanizing and real, sometimes sad, sometimes happy, but real. I’m grateful for humans and all they do and all they are. Especially grateful to know and be with so many stellar humans. I’m also grateful to be with stellar animals! Like our new kitten! More on that later. :)

They’re building two duplexes right next to our house right now, and it cuts into our path to our magical forest and trail. We haven’t been too pleased with the construction and development, but we know that now there can be more great humans around! Still have mixed feelings about wanting to head for the hills and buy a few acres of trees and plants to surround a home for us, but it’ll be nice to meet the new peeps that move in here at Aprill Place. And we still have a gravel road here at our home, and there’s still lots of green around, so it’s quite nice.

Btw, this picture doesn’t have much to do with this post, other than it has my most beloved human in it next to me. This was taken camping across the bay. Summer has been grand. I have to go to work right now right meow though. I’ve been working a lot, and I’m ready to work less and bundle up in sweaters and beanies. It makes me excited for winter.

For winter, my plans currently consist of volunteering in my nieces’ kindergarten and second grade classes, sending out our wedding thank you cards, learning to play the harmonica, make plans for our Brasil trip, get sealed in December in Manti, maybe get an internship done and get my degree, and play Super Mario on super nintendo. I’m hope you can understand my excitement.


“10,000 years will give you such a crick in the neck!”

13 August 2014
I’m watching Aladdin. 

I’m grateful for Robin Williams and the goodness and great memories has has brought to my life through his acting and the characters he’s played. Genie from Aladdin is probably numero uno for me, and of course Mrs. Doubtfire! And being in Jumanji, Hook, Flubber, Jack, Patch Adams… pretty talented fellow who will be remembered and missed.



11 August 2014
Chris just finished going through the 6000 pictures we took for trek two months ago! Hallelujah. We watched the old extreme makeover: home edition and he just rallied through them (and I fell asleep). There are so many great fotos!
One of my boat captains came to church today, which was so wonderful. I loved it and it made me really happy to see his desire to learn and feel the spirit. He took the day off from fishing just to see what church was like. He doesn’t really ever take days off, even when it’s windy windy windy. So it was special and wonderful that he felt inspired to be there today. And the meeting and classes were full of God’s love. 
Then me and my sisters and nieces and nephew and husband boy all spent Sunday afternoon at my Dad’s house. It was so nice. And so beautiful outside. The fireweed is so magical right now!
The girls and I played bunnies on the trampoline. I love them so much. I love playing with them. And that little Brady is delicious and chubby!
Also… I didn’t clean boats today!!! Heavenly. Feeling good. And sleepy. Our fluffy kitty is right here next to us purring away, and the shedding puppy Edel is on the floor intently watching her. It’s raining outside right now, and it sounds perfect. 
Telling Holly not to use zoom on the iPhone haha. Just take a step forward sister. 



9 August 2014
I don’t hashtag much. 
Nor do I ever really post selfies. 
But tonight… #overit. 
I need a night off from boat cleaning…

Brady boy

8 August 2014

What a precious little cabbage patch boy he is! I love this little nephew and it has been delightful having him (and his parents) around.