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My first trip to Wyoming

3 February 2015

Another note: scroll through this little gallery of photos. 

This adventure happened in May 2014. After I graduated last April, we stopped in California for a week to visit my sister and fam and grandparents and fam, then we spent time in Utah with Chris’s side of the family, and then we drove to Colorado to visit Chris’s sister, sister in law, and their precious little girl. I’d never met them before, nor had I ever gone on that drive from UT-CO and I really loved it all. Sometimes I forget about a lot of that trip though because we don’t have too many pictures of it. But I did come across these fotos and I was reminded of some of the wonderful goodness that occurred!

We were in Colorado for a few days, and it was so nice getting to know our family better, and to have sweet little baby Lucie around. She is so very loved. We went to the zoo, saw cool animals, ate yummy food, and I recall watching plenty of Shark Tank. :) I really enjoy staying with people and having people stay with us. It just so nice to get all that time together.

On our drive back to Utah, we took a different route and went though Wyoming. It was soooo windy. And then there was like a blizzard in Casper, WY. Funny and random and coooolio. The highlight of that journey was Martin’s Cove. The Gourleys, our Mormon pioneer ancestors through Chris’s mom, passed through Martin’s Cove. And actually, that statue/sculpture of the family pulling the handcart, is of the Gourleys! I want to learn more about our genealogy. The stories are inspiring and the people are real. Anyway, Chris went to Martin’s Cove and did parts of the same path as the pioneers when he went on his stake youth trek. I’m so so glad we got to go there, check out the visitors center, and gain appreciation for the pioneers and for the wondrous perfect gospel.

Also… we stopped at Independence Rock. Cool! Reminded me of my Oregon Trail days on the old apple computer. :)


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