Sunday sleepover 

13 September 2015

The girls are going to stay with us for a couple days methinks. Tonight we got their room set up (aka I cleaned out all the junk that’s been collecting in there, stashed some of it in the crawl space and garage and put a bunch in a pile to get rid of) and they put glow in the dark stars all over. It’s wonderful. Christopher and I need to put some more in our room too.

The girls were kind of disappointed that they didn’t get good, fun, Chelsea hangout time tonight. I’m not sure what they were expecting, but there just wasn’t a lot of time tonight. It’s a school night so we can’t exactly stay up till 3 am like last time. :)

I’m excited to have the girls with us though and I love them so much. They help me be a better person and aunty and future mother. In this picture they’re fake sleeping, but right now they’re real sleeping, which is important. Glad they’re here!  
Chris and I are having a sleepover tonight too. :) He’s texting his brother right now and I’m blog journaling as you can see. We just had a big talk about our pets growing up and it was funny and good. He told me about raising rabbits, and having a pen full of baby bunnies. They stopped raising rabbits when they found out people were getting them for snake food. He said they always had plenty of cats too. I told Chris about all the dogs we’ve had through the years. I remembered Bosco, Buffy, Jazzi, Pickard, Peanut, Maggie, Peanut, Schnapps, Sammy, Buddy, Emma, Isabella, Daisy, and a few cats here and there. And also there were the chinchillas, iguana, african gray parrot, ducks, chickens, birds, bunnies… Yay animals. They’re so nice to have.

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    Lovely posts. I would have loved to be in on this conversation! So many memories with those animals. Sounds like you did great with the girls. It is tough being a parent, and probably a kid, too!

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