a rainy morning

25 July 2016

I like to wear Chris’s shirts when he’s gone. And now that I have a baby belly, I like to wear them anyway since my shirts don’t really fit anymore. :) Bel was sweet and cuddly in the morning and got under the blankets for a bit. Cuddles are always nice. I wrote in my journal and read my scriptures before getting up this morning, which was unusual and really really enjoyable. When I got up I brushed my teeth with my nifty sonicare, and I’ve even been flossing regularly too!

Making the bed is much easier to do when just one person sleeps in it, though sleeping without Chris isn’t the greatest. I love this cream colored quilt of ours, my favorite color. :) But since the animals get on the bed all the time and half the time they’re dirty or hairy, we try and keep this blanket covered up. It IS really nice having Edel on the bed with me while Christopher is away though, and of course my faithful Simba. 

I usually like to eat or maybe have some tea when I first get up. I should drink more tea. 

Here’s our ever growing pile of mail that we don’t go through very well…and the exercise band next to the door that has been there for three years, and hasn’t been used for three years hahaha.

And there’s Edel, patiently waiting to get out, and little Piper outside wanting to come in. 

Piper says that she wants breakfast. 

Sometimes Bel and Piper follow along on our morning walks, and it’s so funny and wonderful. Usually they bolt down the trail in front of us at top speed. 

Today it was just Edel, my belly, and I. The cats were inside eating breakfast so they missed the family walk. I found a  few raspberries today and I loved that!

And while I was taking this picture I guess I dropped Edel’s ball launcher on the ground. 

Because when I get to the field, after Edel annoyingly pulled me down the muddy hill, I no longer had the launcher. So back to the woods I went. 

Found it.

Instead of going to the field like usual, we spent some time on the trail. Big juicy watermelon berries! These are fun for me to eat no matter what their stage of ripeness is. I even really like the green buds before they turn into berries. 

I was sloshing around in my Dutch girls, those yellow clogs, and my leggings were soaked. The forest was really wet today. 

And the devil’s club leaves are as big as ever.

Edel loves her walks each morning. We throw the ball and she runs and runs and loves playing fetch. We went to the field but there was already a lady there with her dog on leash, who said her dog is still getting used to other dogs. I put Edel on leash too, but then we headed back to the trail instead.

The fireweed has come early this year with the warmer weather. And it is ever so lovely. 

I’m so glad we have these trails and the field right next to our house. I love spending time out there, especially since my allergies seem to be getting better and I no longer die by just walking on the trail. I love this time of year, and my morning was a delight, until I got home and realized I had twenty minutes before I had to be at work haha. I had to shower and get ready really speedy, but I did it. Yay yay.


  • Reply Chris Palmer 25 July 2016 at 21:14

    Really lovely! It’s the simple things. And the freshness of a new twist on the same old routine each day.

    Great stuff! Gives me a taste of home while I’m missing it.

  • Reply Alyssa Stevenson 26 July 2016 at 12:36

    Lots of lovely outdoor and house pictures. Such a great home you guys have made. Hope we get to visit one day!

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