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Cali pt. 2 wif Carlala!

20 April 2017

There’s so many great pictures to share of our second week in California! But I’ll try and limit it to not more than 20. :) I just want to get all caught up with blogging our trips.

January 30 – February 6

We had a nice little flight to LAX. Apollo was a champ on the airplanes and we got to do early boarding! He’s the best. AND GUESS WHO WAS IN LAX WHEN WE GOT THERE!! Only my childhood bff, Carlacita Definwiffleball! I was so happy to have her and Apollo meet and look forward to her having kiddos someday too. AND it was super to have Apollo be with his cute cousins again. I love that Stacy and I have babes the same age.

January 31st, Holly’s birthday, us girls and kids loaded into the land rover and went to the beach. I got the jumpseat in the back back and that was pretty funny, but pretty useful.

I believe this was APOLLO’S FIRST TIME TO DA BEACH. It was nice and lovely. <3

OH! And we all found a good load of awesome beach glass, which my Stacy girl sits loves. And we all love my jumpsuit. ;) Jumpsuit in jumpseat. Okay, Brady was so cute with Hudson in the car. He always holds his hand. Sweet.

Brady also is so cute with Chris. Chris was busy flying our whole time there, but he and Brady did have some good times together building buried treasure of riding the scooter around, or even looking up and seeing Chris and the airplane in the sky!




















It was so nice to hang out together and eat yummy food and chuckle at funny things. So grateful that my bff really likes my family, because we all like her. :) 

I’m so grateful that California (and everywhere and everyone) is only an airplane(or airplanes) ride away! Keep things simple, yo. I loved spending time with my family and my dearest Carlita.

And my sister, Stacy, has been so helpful to me with Apollo since he was born only two months later than Hudson. She’s given us  load of baby stuff and lots of helpful advice. And she’s a great mother and it’s wonderful to share this magical time with her. Love it. I love my siblings. All my family members are really really great people.

When I left Ojai, Chris stayed there and did some more flight training for his commercial license. Not awesome being apart! But our trip was pretty awesome and God loves us all.


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  • Reply Alyssa stevenson 21 June 2017 at 01:08

    I can’t believe how far behind.
    I’m so sorry friend.
    April looked pretty good too.
    I love you.

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