April was

1 May 2017

Pretty good. Chris was gone for a long time, but we’ve survived. Apollo and I are a good team, but life is better with husband around.

I’ve done some good creating while he’s been gone and have done a bit of yoga, though I’d really like to do more. It calls me and I hear it but don’t listen usually. Oops.

Apollo has grown so much this past month and my baby boy is on hi way to six months old, which is basically a year, which is basically college/mission. :( Stay little, my boy!

I really am enjoying all the growth and stages and adorableness and cuddles and so much goodness. I love that he’s mine and that he’s so perfect.

My sister and a friend are starting a juice fast today for five days. Whoa. I like food, so it’d be hard. Most people like food. Anyway, it’s motivating me to eat cleaner and healthier. Health is muito importante.

I just am sharing so random thoughts because I want to blog but am not taking the effort to organize my thoughts and photos. I need to do Apollo’s birth story! And I need to sort out our birth bills! It’s stressful to me. Just gotta do it. 

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