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25 May 2017


May Update And Homer Is Cool

25 May 2017

Apollo had fallen asleep and we were cuddling, one of my favorite things to do, so I went to take this picture. And surprise! He was awake and looking at the camera. Haha funny precious perfect cherub angel boy. <3

We had some friends in town this week and it was great to show them around our Homer. We ate good food, experienced some lovely  sun and wind and rain, and enjoyed Homer’s beautiful nature and artsiness. 

Love toting my boy around. I feel like, for the most part, Apollo is pretty easy to adventure with. And I love having him with me all the time.

We’re working on getting Apollo more familiar with his crib. He’s six months old now and too big and mobile to nap on the couch or in his rockers, so when we’re home he’s been napping in his crib, once finally falls asleep. :) This kid… fighting sleep this week. But he’s soooo cute.

I dressed the boy up in his lovely bowtie, and me in one of my new shirts, and we went to HHS graduation. It was pretty nostalgic and brought back plenty of feelings of my high school graduation TEN YEARS AGO. I still haven’t heard anything about a tea year reunion, but there’s plenty of people from my class still in town. 

I went with the YW presidency. It was a good time! And what’s also a good time is that us four are reading the Book of Mormon together! AWESOME possum. It’s exactly what I’ve needed to jumpstart my scripture study that has been slacking the past five years. :)

These pictures aren’t really in any order. Kind of just a usual photo load of recent happenings. Here’s me and my boy sleeping in the morning. I love being with Apollo and Chris. I love my boys. I love seeing Chris as a loving father. And I love cuddling with him at night and talking with him. And I love taking care of Apollo and feeding him and cuddling with him too. 

I know these two love me. And I love sharing life with them and taking care of them.My precious babe is SIX MONTHS old, so I’m feeling the pressure to get his birth story done! I’m working on it.

It’s Thursday, so here’s some things I’m grateful for.

My Body


The Spirit’s guidance

My body again, so grateful for it.