Sunday in the Holy Land

22 February 2009
Here in J-Town, Sundays are not the Sabbath, Shabbat is the Sabbath. We have church and everything on Saturdays, but in the city, some other Christians still have services on Sunday. So some lovely ladies and I decided to check out what the mass was like at a Lutheran church that I do not remember the name of. Then I wandered home through the Old City, bought some nuts, bought some fruit, and in the evening I went to the movies. What a lovely Sunday.
This is the courtyard at the church. I loved going to mass. I have never really been to other church services and it was so fun to experience it. We sang some cool songs too. I’m still singing the first one we sang…. “Shine, Jesus, shine… Blaze, Spirit, blaze…” I loved singing it. It was just so good experiencing more religions though. I love being here.

After buying more love nuts, or sycamore nuts, or peanuts, or whatever they are called, we went to “Costco.” It’s this warehousey store near the center that has so so many fruits and vegetables for so so cheap. It has a lot of bulk stuff too, which is why we call it “Costco.” I bought five mandarines and five apples and a box of strawberries for only $4. In AK or HI, I’d pay that much for like three apples. This is the best.

Later that night a bunch of us went to the movies. They had all of these cardboard High School Musical people up. How could you not take a picture? I didn’t watch HSM of course. I watched Valkyrie, talk about intense and depressing, but good still. 

Half way through the movie, with zero warning, with cutting the speaker off mid sentence, the curtain comes down and the lights come on. They have like a little ten minute intermission or something. Hmm… interesting. Valkyrie was intense though. It was a good movie, but definitely not a Chelsea movie, and probably just a one time watcher. I do love going to the movies now and then though.

I love Sundays.

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