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23 November 2009

Today I tried not using my thumbs for a while. It’s very very extremely difficult, but I definitely recommend it. I now have whole new appreciation for my thumbs!

If I didn’t have my cute little thumbs:
  *I couldn’t type as speedily, trust me, I’m trying right now.
  *I couldn’t eat my oatmeal very well, or anything actually, toast, apples, everything yummy
  *I couldn’t hitchhike, not that I ever have anyway
  *I couldn’t give thumbs up anymore
  *I’d be the worst super nintendo player ever
  *I couldn’t wash my hair very well, I tried this morning. You can’t shower without those thumbs.
  *and as for going to the bathroom… I didn’t try, because I knew I would fail.

I am so grateful for my thumbs, which do nothing but create ease, beauty, and happiness in my life.

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