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Anita Bonita

12 April 2010

Our dearest wonderful Anita friend just turned 22. To celebrate the anniversary of her birth, we presented her with a yummy vegan cupcake on the beach at midnight.

Then we had a party at our house after church and Anita got to blow out more candles and make more wishes! Hooray!

We had some yummy yummy food. Quinoa, fruits, veggies, hummus, lumpia, cookies, and cupcakes! Yummo! Twas fabulouso.

We had such a lovely little party celebrating lovely Anita. 

That girl is so wonderful. I love her so much. What would I do without her in my life? I just love being with her so muchos. She makes me a happy girl. And so HAPPY birthday to yo Anito!


  • Reply Stacy 14 April 2010 at 03:16

    My favorite bday celebration this year… and best food! :)
    Happy Birth Day to ANITA!!!

  • Reply Like Sands Through The Hour Glass 14 April 2010 at 07:21

    GREATEST day EVER. You are guys are waaaay to goood to me. Thank you for making my day perfect! i have the greatest friends in the world. i am such a lucky girl.

    (ps. i really need to change this blog name – not as cool as i initially thought)

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