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20 July 2010

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“You are a criminal…”

20 July 2010

Remember when I got pulled over a while ago, and got caught with expired plates that Mom and I stupidly, out of complete stupidity, tried to cover up with a non expired sticker from a different car? (We do have a little bit of reasoning for that, but it wasn’t very smart. :) )
Well I had to go to court for it this morning, because improper use of plates like that is a misdemeanor.

Court was funny. The video I watched told my I was a criminal being charged with a crime.
That’s weird; I don’t really feel like a criminal.
It was an interesting experience though.
People preparing for missions don’t get to go to court all the time, so I’m a lucky one.

[This fellow was sitting next to me in the court room. 
I think his crime wasn’t the bad either, and he came out victorious. 
Court is funny when you’re criminals like we are.]

But it’s a bugger because Mom and I had to pay a $350 fine and I’m on probation for a year.
Probation… funny. But I’m leaving the country in two and a half months so who cares. Haha.
Oh yes, and I have a misdemeanor and a criminal record.
Be looking for my name in the paper.

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another day in orange

20 July 2010

I was wearing my grundens aaaaallllllllll day again.
And my xtratufs too of course, for 18 hours in fact.
That’s a long time in grundens and xtratufs, just like I like it.

I went fishing with Captain Mike on the lovely Arctic Addiction and it was an very excellent day.
We got a lot of very nice fishies and had a grand ol’ time.
Monster lingcod, oodles of black bass, a few yellow eye, and some sweetsie halibut. :)

And there was this super cool old dude out fishing with us too.
His name is Paul. He is 80 years old and from New York. He is an old school photographer too.
I loved fishing with that ol’ fellow. And he caught the beastly fish below.

We were doing some excellent fish catching, supposedly because there was a lady on board. :)

I drove the boat on the home the first hour, behind Ronnie in the Sweet T, while Mike cleaned fish.
I got to see some whales and rainbows on the drive too. Magical.

We got back to the harbor and I had seven boats to clean.
Most fortunately, my dear sister Stacy girl cleaned three of them for me.
But I was still sporting those grundens and xtratufs in the harbor till 11 pm.
Good thing I like in Alaska where it’s still light at that time of night.

I just love summertime in Homer, Alaska.