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“You are a criminal…”

20 July 2010

Remember when I got pulled over a while ago, and got caught with expired plates that Mom and I stupidly, out of complete stupidity, tried to cover up with a non expired sticker from a different car? (We do have a little bit of reasoning for that, but it wasn’t very smart. :) )
Well I had to go to court for it this morning, because improper use of plates like that is a misdemeanor.

Court was funny. The video I watched told my I was a criminal being charged with a crime.
That’s weird; I don’t really feel like a criminal.
It was an interesting experience though.
People preparing for missions don’t get to go to court all the time, so I’m a lucky one.

[This fellow was sitting next to me in the court room. 
I think his crime wasn’t the bad either, and he came out victorious. 
Court is funny when you’re criminals like we are.]

But it’s a bugger because Mom and I had to pay a $350 fine and I’m on probation for a year.
Probation… funny. But I’m leaving the country in two and a half months so who cares. Haha.
Oh yes, and I have a misdemeanor and a criminal record.
Be looking for my name in the paper.

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