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The number for the day is 245.

8 July 2010

I just got home from cleaning 8 boats in 5 hours in a torrential downpour.
And I got to see three beautiful rainbows tonight.
I listened to General Conference podcasts while cleaning,
both in English and Portuguese.
Though I only understood a few Portuguese words.
I am so happy I’ll be speaking Portuguese… in Brazil!

I love cleaning boats (or I love the monies I get from it).
I like smelling like fish and bleach and wearing sweats and xtratufs.
I love the harbor, especially since Brother is there now.
I love the people, the smells, the sounds. Good stuff.
One thing I do not like however, in fact one of the few things that really angers me,
is when I accidentally rip my headphones out of my ear.
It’s so annoying and never fails to aggravate me.
That happened a couple times tonight. Annoying.
But luckily I only get angry for like 2 seconds
and then I’m back to enjoying the rainbows and sunshine.
It’s so obnoxious when I rip them out though.

One other slight annoyance of boat cleaning,
is when the hose sprays me in the face.
Kind of unpleasant, kind of funny.
Either way, it’s all worth the money.

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