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5 August 2010

With Jake and Lisa.
On the Ultimate.
With 25 clients. Wow that is a lot.
12 hours of solid deckhand work.
Baiting hooks.
Pulling in fish.
Untangling lines.
Releasing sharkies.
Learning names.
Talking it up.
I liked it all a lot.
I want to do it more more.
Twas a wonderful day at sea.

However then I had 7 boats to clean.
So I ended up having an 18 hour work day.
Wow. That is really a lot.
I was tired girl. But now I have more monies. :)

And not only that, but my favorite twins got here last night too!
Such fun we are having.
And you best believe I’ve been playing John Lennon’s Imagine on my ukulele all day.

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