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8 September 2010

I love summers in Homer, Alaska. And I love playing with my darling nieces.

Building forts. Playing chicken. Speeding around in the stroller. Peeing in the woods. Eating toast. Going to the toy store. Getting baby cones. Walking to the lake. Painting nails. Water coloring. Lots of lovely fun.

I’ve had many most beautiful beach evenings lately. Me and Cody boy go down there after cleaning boats. Boat cleaning has been slow, like two boats a night. So I’ve got lots of beach time with my ukulele and dear ol’ doggy. It was so so beautifully starry one night and I saw two shooting stars and made lovely wishes! How magical.

I cleaned my sweet ride yesterday. I lovey love Penelope Q. Subaru. Holly dyed my hair dark dark brown the other day. Love it. And I’ve been sending out lots of mail lately. And went to lunch with a captain, waiting for my camera to come, working on visa paperwork and enjoying summer very muchly.

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  • Reply Lauren 9 September 2010 at 01:19

    i want to see pics of your dark dark hair! is it like jerusalem? i ate lunch with car car today and we ate some love nuts in honor of you

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