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27 September 2010
Every time I drive past this magical tire swing I want to take pictures there. 
My dear sister Stacy made that little dream come true for me. 
My home girls (aka sisters, nieces, mother dear) and I went and had a fall photo shoot there.
It was joyous.
Such a splendid time we had.
Good times were had by all.
There is this fantastic tree.
There are lots of fantastic trees.
And Holly girl was jumping off trees.
I love trees. Especially with Cody Love.
Mumsy and the girls walked in the trees.
We all love trees.
We love leaves too.
The darling little girls especially love leaves.
And I love my Mama. I’m not looking forward to leaving yet.
Leaving will be the hardest ever.
But there’s lots of leaves.
And there’s lots of trees.
And there’s always the tire swing.

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