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yurt + family + beach = :)

1 September 2010
Hop aboard the FV Arctic Assault! Katy (and Jordin) drove the fam across the bay a few days ago for a fantastic family fun filled weekend!
Natalie and her little backpack full of sleeping bag and coloring supplies.
THE YURT! Yurts are the coolest. I want one. :)
Natalie and I did some spelunking and cave exploring.
Holly and my flying monkey found some cool rocks.
Frankie Lemon found my other sister.
beach fun and exploring with tomato soup girl
My sharpie found a log and a few little friends.
It started raining so we went and had yurt time.
I love yurt time.
And coloring time.
And cuddling campfire time. This lovely campfire evening was also accompanied with many jams from my ukulele. Love it love it love it.
Then this little darling woke up!
She’s so funnnny.
My sisters are funny too. Oh love love love them.
Time for more beach explorations! Sand dollar hunting.
The weather wasn’t the greatest, but life can’t be all sunshine.
Stacy and Adam were swinging Natalie around…
…and her arms got three times longer!
I found Wilson’s uncle.
And then we came home.
It’s always a lovely boat ride with Matilda!
Phil followed us home too. :)


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    LOVE IT! And the Wilson’s uncle comment too! haha!

  • Reply Sarah Wills 2 September 2010 at 18:56

    Chelsea! I love your blog url – happychelsea. Just looking at it made me smile.

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