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11 April 2011



11 April 2011

Querido Família e Amigos…

Tchau tchau to the wonderful area of Jardim da Penha and the wonderful people and things and island of Vitória, and hellllooooo Aracruz! 
TRansfers this week, so sad to say goodbye to so many things and souls, but I’m Aracruz now, which is such a fantastico little city. It is soooo beautiful here. And there is so much green and nature! Oh it is heavenly. I love this town. And it’s not a huge big city like Vitória too, so it is sooo great. 
My companion is the dear Sister Barbosa. She’s from the south of Brasil in Porto Allegre. She is incredible, such a good missionary, and so fun. This transfer will be glorious! But we are opening this area, which means we are both brand new to this area annd we know nothing. Nothing. And we pretty much have no map. So it is definitely on the hard side to work effectively, but we’re doing what we can. 
We live with two other sisters, Sister Felizardo and Sister Dias, also from Brasil. I just love these three sisters sooo much. And basically I’m speaking no english these days, since they’re all Brasilian, so tis a nice little growing period for me to crack down on my português skills. :) Learning lots of new words all day everyday! 

The mission continues to be incredible, but soooo very far from easy. There is so much to do. But you can’t do it all at once, one things at a time. And with teaching there are so many things to include and you have to be so inspired and listen to the spirit in all things. But sometimes it is hard to distinguish what the spirit is saying and what you need to do. Thank goodness we have the power of prayer, the blessed privelege to communicate with an all powerful, all knowing, all loving God. Never prayed so much in my life. It is great of course. 

I’m just so grateful for the scriptures and preach my gospel and my companions and President and Sister Pickett, so that I can learn all these things that I have to do. So so grateful. And of course sooo grateful for the loving people I have at home at for all your prayers and thoughts. Muito obrigada para sempre. 

Com amor, Sister Owens

PS the picture of the colorful chapel is actually like a school, where the church has its meetings because the real chapel is under construction or something. It’s 2 hours away in Colatina, where we have weekly district meeting. It is like the coolest looking church ever though. Oh how I love the colors of Brasil!