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26 April 2011



26 April 2011

Fireflies! Yes, I saw fireflies for the first time ever this week. It was so glorious. Oh it is just so beautiful here. I love Aracruz.
    And we are teaching coolio peeps too. We’re teaching this family and one of the girls and her friends just love us so much. They always tell me to speak english. When they see us coming down the street the just run run and hug Sister Barbosa and I. It is so good.
     We went to a couple’s house that we’re teaching, and one of their daughters said that the girls from the church are here. Then the little boy said, “They’re not from the church; they’re from God!” So funny and so good. This couple, Valdirene and Renato, we telling us how much good we are doing for the world. And how every time we visit they just feel more peace in their lives.
      It was so good to hear that, because we work all day long, walk all over the place in the hot sun, teach lessons, people seem unresponsive at times, but then when people tell you all the good things you’re doing you just feel so good and just want to continue forever!
      We’re also teaching a profressional soccer player. So Brasil. There are kids all over the place in the streets just playing soccer soccer futebol. Tis fantastico.
      And we were at this girl Rovena’s house, teaching her and her family, and they are just such wonderful people. People here have so much faith and are so dedicated. But oh my goodness there are like 20 churches on each street. We’re doing our best tesitifying to people about the restored Church of Jesus Christ, but sometimes people just don’t want to change.
      Oh but at Rovena’s huose, they have a bunch of cool fruit trees and she was just going out and picking these different fruits and giving them to us to try. Hooked us up with some cacau fruit, which they make chocolate from. Don’t know how they make choco, but the fruit tastes nothign like chocolate. Inside it looks a bit like snot. :) And they gave us some coconut juice. Her dad was outside with a machete just hacking a coconut open for us to drink. Oh I looove this country.
      The mission is so wonderful. I can’t even begin to talk about all of the many things I’ve learned, more than just portugu√™s. :) I love this place and these people and am so excited for Easter! Happy day to you all.
    -Sister Owens

    -Sister Owens