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27 April 2011


Hoppy Easter!!

27 April 2011

Oh how I love my mission. Nothing better or more wonderful for me to be doing right now than exactly this, being here in Aracruz with Sister Barbosa working lots and lots and lots. It’s so incredible each day to be so focused on only doing good things, we’r eonly rbigning goodness and light into the world. It is bringing so many blessings into my life. The mission is the best. Blessings and Spirit all day everyday!
This week was a little coo coo for cocoa puffs, but still so so excellent and full of lots of joyful moments.
  First, we had interviews with President Pickett, and he and Sister Pickett brought up all our mail! Hooray! I had a giant load of jolly good mail and it was like the best thing ever. Many many obrigadas to the dearest Cottams, for two packages and lots of lovely letters, and obrigada to Kirstin for the best surprise box ever full of fun goodies and lovely words. Obrigada to Tingy, Carala girl, Janey Banana, Sis Cahoon, Sis Friden, Mother dear, and Gabi! It was like joy to the 46th power getting and reading and opening all this mail. Thank you for all of the thoughts and prayers.
  More joyful moments, seeing Gabi! She’s a member from my last area and on of my favorite people on planet earth (and on other planets too). IT was soooo good to see her, to laugh to cry to talk about the wonderful blessings of life. The people you meet on the mission, you can never forget them.
  Twas also joyful one night as we were walking down the street and I tripped on a rock and a my shoe broke. Fantastic. Luckily I found a sandal on the street to wear so that I could walk the rest of the way home.
  Easter was so joyful too! Oh how I looove Holy Week! :) It was so good. And this one girl we’re teaching, she came to church all by herself. We didn’t have to wake her up and remind her or go get her or anything. She was there before we were!
  And we’re teaching a family, baptizing the oldest daughter and son this saturday. The son didn’t want to get baptized yet, but after church he came and told us that he’s ready and wants to get baptized. This family is elect. We’re on a big search for other elect families too. If you know any, let me know. Or let mormon.org know. :)
  The members in the branch are so wonderful. Somebody hooked us up with a bunch of chocolate too, making Easter complete and happy! Things are pretty great.

Love Sister Owens