first kayaking excursion do verão

14 May 2012

 Dad, Chris, and I went for a 3 day kayaking excursion in the lovely Kachemak Bay. It was grand communing with the sea again.

 We stopped at Gull Island. A classic and a must see for all souls.

 Tina came along. She’s a tiny rubber elefant.

 After a 9 mile paddle, the wind started to pick up, so we pulled up on Right Beach and camped out for the rest of the day. We got in some excellent naps.

 And we had excellent yummy food! Halibut and salmon filets cooked on the campfire. Yummo.

 Day 2 we cruised up the bay, passing Aurora Lagoon, where I used the world’s finest outhouse.

 I discovered I want a cute little cabin too. And I hope you love our kayaking gear. We know we look good.

 Then we stayed at Dad’s friend’s cabin at Bear Cove. And we ate yummy tinfoil dinner that turned into soup, with plenty of garlic, a must have.

 Checking out the cabin complex and found this sweet bathhouse. Nice. Then it started snowing.

 So day 3 we packed up and moved out. I love kayaking with my pops.

 And yes, that is Dad filming the two killer whales that may or may not have been following us.

 We had some great beach stops, and found some beautiful rocks. Love it.

 Chris reenacting his cliffside nap.

I’m so grateful for the lovely trip we had and the things I learned!
PS When we got home I had dinner with some lovely souls from our ward, and I met a fantastic brazilian woman and spoke portuguese with her for 3 hours! It was soooo good! And it was a nice rest for my mind and mouth. English can get tiring. I love Alaska. And Brasil. And lots of things.


  • Reply Carly 14 May 2012 at 15:39

    Can I just say I love having your blog updated so often again! Miss and love you!!

  • Reply Chris 14 May 2012 at 18:37

    “CHELSEA!” Was so much fun! We got LOADS of pictures, so I’m sure there will be more to check out. The video is coming along well too. SOOOO AWESOME!

    Killer Whale Chasing Buddy

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