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8 May 2012
I have been a returned missionary for 2.5 weeks, and will hopefully get my lost luggage someday soon.
As of late, I have enjoyed a good bonfire with lovely peoples, two of whom speak portuguese! Que alegria! And many others who are returned missionaries or preparing to serve. Twas a good atividade.
I also cleaned my first boat. Fortunately I had Natalie girl to help me.
Then we had a super fun sleepover and we brushed our teeth and told stories and said our prayers.
Sundays are always lovely, especially in your home Homer ward. 
Had a glorious almoco with dad and Lee and the girls too. I love vegetables.
Went to CES fireside sunday night. Twas excellent.
Learn from the trees.
I love Alaska and have been seeing lots and lots of moose and eagles.
But my oh my, how I still miss Brasil. 
The fruits, the beans, the sunshine, the sounds, the sights, but mostly the people.
I’m off on a kayaking adventure in the morn. Time to commune with the sea.

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