2 August 2012

it. is. august. wow. za.

Much has happened lately.
I have lots of blog updating to do.
And journal updating.
And I need to ponder on life and my future plans.
Where to go? What to do?
But tis nice to be freeeeeee.
Especially now that Penelope (my sweet subie ride) is back in action.

Firstly, do you believe I have finally entered the iPhone world.
And I am loving it muito.
My first iPhone picutre:

And one shortly after.

FISH KABOBS with the fam bam.
I love playing with these peoples.
Jakey and the parents and Carol and the nieces were around too. :)

I just love being all together. Yahoo wamu!
And these iPhone parties are grand.

Família is the b.e.s.t.

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