not dipnetting :)

2 August 2012
While Holly and Jordin and peeps went dip netting, I spent my time with these two little ladies.
Katy and I took Natalie girl to swim lessons. So cute.
 And then we went to the store to buy a $12 bag of cherries. :)
They had to ride in this cart.
 Then we made rainbow potato vegetable medley soup!
 And had a picnic on the floor. Yummy veggies.
 And the day would not be complete without making cookies! 
Natalie made big humongous giant cookies and all of Katy’s were tiny and little.
I do love a good mini cookie. You can it like ten and it’s a-okay!
On day two of our adventures, we got Cody and played on starfish beach.
Had some ukulele and harmonica fun.
 And we had the best picnic ever, with the best picnic basket.
Katy girl snapped this shot. Nice work.
A happy time had by all.

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