March 16th, Saturday, birthday week

2 April 2013

To continue with the birthday week of festas, saturday morning we woke up after another sleepover party and had a grand crepe feast! Fresh fruit, nutella, and there were even eggs and bacon for some other peeps too, not for me. But nutella… I like that stuff. We had POG too (not to be confused with POGS.) POG is Passion Orange Guava juice, a classic here in Hawaii.

Okay, I loved that my roomies put this tent in the living room. Such fun. I love all these peeps.

And then I had an applied anthropology field trip to a Hawaiian heiau.

A heiau is an ancient Hawaiian, sacred ground, similar to our temples today. We did some archaeology work there with students from University of Hawaii.

We did some great traditional Hawaiian things. It was a spiritual experience.

The women wore ti leaves, for protection, and to stay fertile. :)

The drive home was beautiful. I love that here in Hawaii you just cruise around in the backs of trucks and it’s perfectly fine.

Later that day, I cruised around with my bike Charlotte.

Victoria, Keryna, and I pranced around in this magical field at sunset.

So many beautiful things.

I am so grateful for Charlotte. :)

And I’m grateful for Fijian curry. Okay, if you’re ever on the North Shore of O’ahu, go to Kahuku and go to the Fiji Market. Their curry and roti is so good. Mmm I want some now.

Then…. the Gardiner Sisters performed at a concert for Well Africa which was raising awareness about child labor in the cocoa plantations in the ivory coast.

My brand new leggings somehow ripped. Kind of a bumbummer. But it was such a great day!

I love festas and birthday week!!

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