Charge like Kirk.

3 February 2014
Chris and I have gotten some fantastico pictures lately, but alas, none of them are super accessible at the moment. Chris took these pictures a couple months ago at a paddle out for a dear friend named Kirk.
So Taylor girl, my surfalicious roommate from the past post, met this boy named Kirk (often referred to as ‘Kirk boy’) over a year ago. Kirk was a hardcore surfer too, like as hardcore and super good as you can get without being a pro surfer. But he did surf with the pros and was a super tall, red headed dude, often referred to as Fanta. Kirk was a champ. He was a person that made you feel good, and when he was talking with you, he was present and and there for you. He was super honest, hard working, and looked out for others. Kirk boy and Taylor girl fell in love and had lots of great times together. 
But on the morning of 13 November 2013, Kirk surfed his final wave. Pictures of his last ride are found here. And here’s a video of that wave. Pretty incredible. Kirk moved to the next life doing what he loved and he’s basically a full on legend now. Really, a 40 foot wave? That’s huge!

It’s been almost three months since Kirk has been gone. It still doesn’t seem right. 
Taylor has been a great example through this whole trial. She’s so strong and faithful. We love that girl and are so grateful for her.
“Faith in God includes faith in his timing.”
Neal A. Maxwell
Charge like Kirk.

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  • Reply Alyssa moncur 18 August 2015 at 09:32

    This post is so good. I’m glad you keep a blog and document special people and moments and all this.

    I’m glad we will see Kirk again and for the gospel and plan of salvation. I’m glad Taylor’s on a mission changing lives like Kirk is probably doing too on the other side.

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