Thomas came!

5 February 2014
Aloha. It’s Tuesday. I had a work meeting this morning at 6:30 am, and other than that, I just have a sewing class for a few hours tonight. I’m loving learning how to sew!
Last week we had a visitor! Thomas used to work for Chris and Angle of Attack and had some extra airline miles so he flew out for an extended weekend. It was pretty grand and good to adventure around our lovely island paradise and show great things to Thomas.
We rode the bus to town to meet Thomas at the airport and pick up a rental car. Three hours and a total of 35 miles later, we made it to the airport.
Waiting at a bus stop in Honolulu, we checked out a cool Catholic church.
Outside the church was a statue of Jesus doing the Robot. ;)
Chris and I wore the best sandals ever. What a dream.
We’re glad we live far out of the city.
After we got Thomas, we stopped at the infamous Matsumoto’s for some shave ice.
Tom Hanks stopped there too. Like 30 years ago.
And 20 years ago, some POGS stopped in.
We took Thomas to our favorite sea turtle spotting beach in Haleiwa.
Hi Mr. (or Mrs.) Turtle!
The next morning, I looked out my door and took this picture.
And this picture from our other door! The rental car was a precious little fiat 500.
Luna and Simba had a good time too.
On Sunday we went to the Pro Bowl. It was an experience.  
I had two $6 cobs of corn at the Pro Bowl. Funny.
Thomas slept in this tent and braved the elements of Hawaii.
Another day we headed to costco and the dole pineapple plantation, and for the first time ever I stopped at the Brazil food truck. Yay it was so fun to speak portuguese to a brasileiro and to drink guaraná and eat a pastel. So I’m not a soda fan at all, but drinking guaraná took me back. So lovely.
We took Thomas to Kawela Bay, where some of Lost was filmed apparently.
Chris and I also took our engagement pictures there. :)
We’re glad Thomas boy came! He’s a gem. Everyone’s smiling with smiley face smoothie bowls. :)

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