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13 March 2015

Alaska, Hawai'i

Under the Sea

13 March 2015

I shall always miss looking out my window and seeing the enticing blue sea, putting my suit on, walking out my door, across the grass, touching the sand and getting sand all over my feet (and body), and plunging into the Pacific Ocean.

For a few of my years at BYU-Hawaii, I lived in rundown beach front houses. It was a dream (except the cockroaches… sick). I’m so glad Chris and I could share six months of that magic together. Goodness, it was so so good and happy and healthy. I’m so grateful for that island and it’s wonderment.

Btw these pictures were taken with a canon 5d markII and an underwater bag, before we got the GoPro. The GoPro really takes superb underwater and everything pictures and video!

PS I’m really happy here in Homer right now. Though I do miss being tan, I’m trying to embrace my paleness. And I’ll always miss Hawaii, and Jerusalem, and especially my mission in Brazil, but I’m really happy to be HOME right now. I love Alaska and being Alaskan. :)

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