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31 March 2015


‘Ello Poppet

31 March 2015

So let me tell you…. We’ve got a pregnant kitty right now (on the right) and I’m so excited for kittens and for Bel to become a mama. The picture on the left is of Luna, the stray cat we adopted in Hawaii who got pregnant and I was so excited for her kitties. For probably a month, everytime I’d come home or wake up, I was hoping there’d be kittens. But I never got to meet her kitties, but she became a good mama and even adopted a little stray kitten that her new family found or something like that.

We sadly had to give Luna away when we left Hawaii last April. It was so sad when we took her to her new family. :( But it worked out really well and felt right. We would’ve liked to bring her home with us but it wasn’t working out, especially since she was so pregnant. She was a great backpack loving cat who could climb the screen door really well. Luna made our Hawaii days even better. And she started to get so cuddly and would follow us around, even out to the beach! That was because of her pregnancy hormones and such.

Anyway, Luna is in the picture on the left, a year ago, and the other picture is of Bel yesterday! Cracks me up that they look so similar and all this is just a year apart. Kitties yay! We’re excited for Bel to have a litter of kitties.

Also in case you were wondering, I made some grand cookies on Sunday, and ate like 200 of them yesterday. Cheers!


AND OMG yesterday I got a Facebook call, my first Facebook call, and it was Patrícia, her sister Fernanda, and her mom Miria. Those three are some of the beloved people from my mission. Oh it was so good and happy and unexpected to talk with them. <3<3<3  I can’t wait to go back to Brazil, to take Chris with me, and to reunite with my wonderful mission peeps that I love so very much.