Apollo’s First Flight

16 May 2017

Friday, May 12, 2017

We journeyed from Homer to Valdez in our neighbor’s Cessna 172. Apollo was a champ and the flight was stunning. 

We put him in his car seat and buckled him in the airplane. We strapped on his ear protection and he fortunately didn’t mind at all! This kid is so mellow and sweet. 

Once we were safely in the air I took him out and had him look around. He was content as could be and when I put him back in his seat, he took a good nap.  

We all enjoyed a meal in the air. Apollo had the usual breastmilk and Chris and I ate delicious bagels from the bagel shop. Seeing this picture makes me want one right now.

The flight was amazing. It was so beautiful. Apollo required some good attention for a while, but once he was asleep I couldn’t help but stare out the windows at our beautiful Alaska. So grateful to live here and to be an Alaskan and to have the opportunity to fly around with my family. 

Apollo woke up crying on descent, so I leaned over his car seat and fed him. Breastfeeding is like the magic cure-all and so far it works for any physical or emotional problem that Apollo may have. 

This kid is the best. Chris and I love him so much and we’re so happy to share our lives and world with him. 

Apollo’s first flight in a little airplane was a great success!


  • Reply RaNae 16 May 2017 at 21:05

    Oh! I just love hearing about all of Apollo’s adventures and him adjusting to this big world. It thrills me that he gets to grow up with you two; people full of wonder. The pictures are beautiful! Hearing about his first flight is amazing! Sure love you all!

  • Reply Alyssa stevenson 21 June 2017 at 00:58

    Seriously NEATO.
    This is so cool Apollo is earning his name :)

    Me and Luke are flying to mainland next week. It’s a super long flight… not as exciting as this flight, or as pretty!

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