Moose watching

2 May 2018

WE LOVE MOOSE. Apollo and I were hanging out on the couch the other morning, and then he was like, “moo… moo!” So I turned around and HELLO MOOSE! This yearling bull moose was just munching on our grass and walking around our lawn and porch. The mama is seen in the alders in this picture and was later eating greens across the road. And then I went and changed Apollo’s diaper in his room, and guess who was right outside his window… the little bull moose again! It was exciting.

And the next day… here comes mama to the porch! Her little boy wasn’t with her, so I’m wondering if she sent him along his merry way so she can give birth soon. No matter how many times we see moose, it’s always exciting watching them, and it’s especially magical to reexperience life through Apollo’s curious eyes. Goodness, I love this kid. <3


buh buh buh

27 March 2018

This evening I’m totally sort of feeling like Goldie Hawn in Overboard after a long day and so Apollo is going to play with auntie Holly and his cousins until bedtime. It’s special party time by myself, which I’ve used to look at pictures of Apollo haha, but now I’ll play legos.


March celebrations

27 March 2018

I remember learning the joke in elementary school where you stand behind your friend, and then ask what month comes after February…. MARCH.
And then you march and hit their bum. Classic.

March has been a good month around here. Apollo turned 16 months, I turned 29 years. There have been plenty of celebrations with those milestones, along with international women’s day, St. Patrick’s day, and now it’s Holy Week! I love Holy Week.

I really enjoy my days with Apollo. We spend most our time at home, but do try and commit to story time each Thursday at the library. I don’t like too many other commitments haha, and I don’t like anything to interrupt nap time! We go on lots of walks, play with legos, make food, clean up messes, color, read books, and enjoy cartoons.

This month we’ve enjoyed some special gatherings in our with friends and food. I’m really grateful for the people around me who enrich my life and make me feel good inside. And I’m really grateful for the nature at our doorstep. And I’m grateful for my sweet collection of legos!


sete de janeiro de 2018

8 January 2018

I’m up late watching Saturday’s Warrior (1989!!), eating sourdough toast, and drinking tea. My boys are asleep. I should maybe be asleep, but I can’t seem to pull myself away from this classic eighties church movie!
It’s been a nice sabbath day. I like Sundays. They’re usually full of some good church time, some good family time, and usually Chris and I watching something on the tellie. Today it was Planet Earth II. It’s just really nice to hang out at home with Apollo and Chris – simple and lovely.

Apollo looked so cute and too grown up today. He’s such a perfect darling. I adore him. He’s been sleeping for a few hours and I’m almost ready for him to wake up so I can help him out of his crib and nurse him back to sleep in our cozy bed.

It was a really nice fast Sunday today. Many inspired testimonies of Christ were born and those meetings always uplift me. For Sunday school, I taught the 12-13 year olds about the godhead and specifically, how we can recognize His hand in our lives. Great subject for a lesson and I like all the kiddos in the class too. It would’ve been nice if I had more than 7 seconds to prepare the lesson, but their teacher wasn’t there and a teacher was needed. I’m glad I can do a pretty decent job with teaching on the fly. And Chris and Apollo were both in there too and I liked that. I hope the kids’ testimonies of Christ were strengthened. Mine was.

The relief society meeting was great I’m sure. But I missed 90% of it by trying to put Apollo to sleep. He didn’t fall asleep till we drove home haha. Church time is difficult for nappers!

But I sure like it lots anyway.


January 3rd

3 January 2018

Three days of yoga
Three days of tea
Three days of pad thai

Some positive thoughts
Some negative thoughts
Some ice cream
Some water
Some laughs
Some frustrations

Lots of reflection
Lots of vision board ideas
Lots of love

New Year!
Same good me.


Winter Solstice and 4 years wedded!

22 December 2017

Yesterday, happy 4 year anniversary to me and husband! We had a great time celebrating and had a good day with good food. I’m really grateful to have Chris as my companion through life and enjoy the life we’ve created, and especially the boy we created.

Soooo… winter solstice… a time where light returns to us! I love solstices. It can be a time of renewal and grounding. This morning when I woke up, I was totally feeling all inspired and motivated. I was ready to accomplish some goals and create new patterns and learn good things. There’s so much to look forward to at this time of year, and the present moment is so wonderful too!

But noooow, I’m overwhelmed with all the messes in my house, presents I want to create, things I need to wrap… Apollo has pooped twice and it’s not even noon, and I haven’t even had the chance to poop yet! Too busy keeping me and the boy alive I guess. We’re alive, but he’s had two good falls already today. He’s got a big red mark on his cheek and a goose egg on his forehead.
My tea went cold, there’s cheerios all over the floor, Apollo dumped over the laundry basket of clean, unfolded clothes, and I still haven’t showered. (But I am making the time to blog while Apollo prances around with his snack cup trying to climb on the table so I can remember these small details of a good life.)

So anyway… yeah. Happy solstice! May light keep coming our way!

(Apollo, my darling boy, sort of thanks for napping a half hour…)


13 months

19 December 2017

My babe was born 13 months ago.
It has been the most joyous and exciting 13 months yet!

I’ve really been blessed with many wonderful chapters in my life so far, but Apollo adds so much goodness and spice to the mix. I love it. It is so fun to watch him learn and grow, and it feels so good to be loved and adored by him. I feel so blessed to be his mama!

I think everyone knows that I adore Apollo and that I love being his mother. But I also don’t want to forget who I am as an individual, as a woman, as Chelsea. So I think about that a lot, and about who I am and how I am and what I do.

And this time of year, I think about #lighttheworld! And presents and Christmas music and traditions and snow and cinnamon rolls and Christmas lights and Christmas movies and Rudolph and our homemade stockings and Christmassy clothes and baking and giving and loving… and the birth of Jesus! I LOVE CHRISTMAS TIME, as many people do.

And hooray hooray, because my sister, Stacy, and her boys and husband will be here for Christmas this year. I love the family together time and look forward to seeing my brother some too.

Back to my 13 month old BOY…
Apollo had a great day today. He woke up fairly well rested around 8 am. He and I played in his room while Chris got ready for the day, then he and Chris hung out while I got ready. Apollo and I went to my mom’s house to play with my visiting sister, Stacy, and her boys. That was a good time. Grandma’s house has lots of good toys and food. After a few hours of play, it was time for a solid 2+ hour nap. During nap time I made bread with my nephew and played legos with my nieces! Success. And then all of Apollo’s Owens cousins were over when he woke up and he was surrounded with love, and a dash of chaos. Chris came home from work and we ate and watched a Christmas movie. Apollo and I cuddled in our orange chair with some snacks and the movie. And then Chris and I gave him a bath. Apollo enjoyed some popcorn today, piano playing, climbing on the stool, table, and couch, and lots of cuddles. Can’t express how much I adore my baby boy, who isn’t as much of a baby anymore, but I refuse to call him toddler for a good while.

HAPPY 13 months to my baby boy! <3


Geminid Meteor Shower

14 December 2017

I love a starry sky.

Looking at the stars makes me feel small, yet significant. It helps me feel connected with the people of the world and of the heavens. It grounds me to the earth and lifts me to the skies.

Chris and I went out to the driveway last night to give Edel some playtime and to watch the meteor shower. I loved seeing all the falling stars! And it was good to make Edel happy too with some ball chasing and fetch. That dog is such a ball girl.

In the past, when it’d be 11:11 or I saw a shooting star, I always wished for happiness. I was happy, yes, but it’s what was important to me and so I always wished for me of it. And for lots of it to go around in the world.

But now I’m thinking it’s time to wish for more love to go around. And then happiness comes from love. Anyway, lots of goodness to go around all the time to everyone everywhere everyday. :)

And good news! I just saved a bundle on car insurance…. by uninsuring Penelope who has parked to rest on my Dad’s lawn for another winter. Love that car.

And other good news… we got our Christmas tree! Thank you, tree.

Lower 48

Utah dezembro 2017

13 December 2017

Chris and Apollo boy and I spent a week in Utah after we went to Vegas. It was great to be with Chris’s family and see a few friends, and see some Utah nature. But every time I’m in Utah, which is frequently, a couple times a year usually, I don’t get enough nature/adventure time. Need to make that happen more next time we go. Regardless, it was really really great and uplifting to spend time with family and loved ones.


AND bonus:
I really enjoyed hours of thrift shopping.
We ate too much cafe rio, but it was all really tasty.
Went on a few lego shopping trips. :)
Got some sacred time at the Oquirrh Mountain temple.

I feel grateful for the families we have and the people we love. And I’m grateful for the opportunities we have to spend time with our loved ones and visit different places. Apollo did great while traveling and we all adore that baby boy ever so much.


Vegas Thanksgiving 2017

23 November 2017

My sweet Apollo is kind of sick. Not sure if he caught some sort of bug or if it’s just from teething, but it’s sad either way! So sad to see my baby sickie, but I enjoy the extra cuddles.

He was too tired and slept through our family Thanksgiving feast, and we missed him. There’s 9 adults and 7 kiddos here this thanksgiving.. that’s all of us for now! It’s so nice to be all together with Chris’s family and I’m really grateful for everyone’s efforts in making it happen and in making it great.

We did a fish pond today and got some fun presents, and we all wrote nice things about everyone on a piece of paper! That was a wonderful activity to life each other up and express our love and gratitude. I love Chris’s family and I’m grateful we’re all friends.

I’d really like to blog more and share my thoughts and memories and photos, but it’s kind of hard to do in my phone. And I get to sleepy and unmotivated to do it sometimes.

Right now we’re watching old full house episodes and it’s so good! I love it!

I love Apollo and Chris and I feel very blessed to have them.

And I love lots of other people too. So much to be grateful for and I’m working on recognizing all the abundance in my life. We’re blessed with so much!



15 November 2017

November november.
I put up some Christmas lights tonight. How magical.
Been eating some very tasty popcorn lately.
Gone on a lot of nice walks.
Got rid of a bunch of stuff and it felt freeing!
Lots more to get rid of.
Wanting to waste and consume less.
I adore Apollo.
I love Chris too.
And our family and friends.
And Harry Potter.

I’ve been trying to listen to Christmas music lately, but I just don’t think I’m ready for it yet. I think I have more gratitude to work on first, and remembering that all my blessings come from God. My life is full of good people and things and God is love.


crispy walkie

10 November 2017

It’s November. And it’s crispy and cool.
Our pooch always needs a good walk in the morning. Actually, we could all probably use a good walk in the morning. I’m committing to more walks, and you can too. :)

I’m so grateful I have legs to walk! And a body that works, and a little boy to carry, and husband to talk to, and animals to laugh at. Gotta love walkies with my crew.

I went on bigger trail loop the other day, instead of just heading straight to the field with Edelweiss. My kitty kitsy cat, Bel, joined too, and I loved that. I had Apollo’s boots on, so when we got to the field, I took him out of the carrier and let him walk around. So cute. He’s a doll. <3 And he loves the animals and kiiiiiiind of says dog/Edel and kitty/kitsy.

I was thinking about Hawaii this morning, about missing the beach, sunshine, fresh produce, and BYU-Hawaii life. I miss it, of course. It was such a good time of life for me, especially looking back at it. Buuuut, I also love my life and where I’m at right now. I love home/Homer and I love experiencing life with our sweet boy. Of course each phase of life has different struggles and challenges, but each phase has great joys and highlights too.

Apollo just fell asleep for his second nap of the day. He’s maybe been transitioning from two naps to one, but I prefer two! And today we’re getting two! I loooove my bebe boy, and I love nap time too. Gotta refresh!


late night reminiscing with chocolate cheeps

8 November 2017

My baby boy is almost one year old. Tonight I decided to go through photos of his almost one year on earth, but I only made it one month in. This photo is from when he was 10 days old. My sweet little perfect boy!

I love Apollo so much. I love being his mother. I love how much he needs me and how much I need him too. I love how much he and Chris love each other too.

I have sleepy moments, moments where I want to check out and be alone, moments where I worry about my identity and who I am… but I love being a mother. It’s been a really wonderful year of motherhood and I think Apollo is the most wonderful little creature who is full of light and love.


Popcorn Time

4 November 2017

We love popcorn around here.

We make it in our whirly pop with coconut oil, real salt, and nutritional yeast. And then we fill our extra large stainless steel bowl with it, and proceed to fill our bellies with it.

Popcorn time can get pretty messy, especially sharing it with Edel and Apollo. They both love popcorn and it’s so funny to watch them eat it.

I was out of town most of Octoberer in California, Utah, and Seattle, and now it’s November – a month of gratitude and Christmas preparation!

I’ve had lots of thoughts I wanted to blog lately, but haven’t made the time to do it, not that I can make time. We all have the same amount of time. Maybe I just haven’t set aside the time. Or maybe it has nothing to do with time.

Anyway, time to go change a poopy diaper and then clean up all this popcorn everywhere!


Oh, speaking of Cheers, I saw the guy from Cheers when I was in Ojai, CA. I think that’s my first movie star maybe. Anyway, kinda cool, kinda normal, since famous people are just like we are.



14 September 2017

I love produce from the farmers market. Especially those carrots. Yum. Alaskan farmers market (or garden) carrots are the best. I’ve been making more of an effort to buy our produce from the market because it 200x more delicious and 2,000,000x healthier and more sustainable and all sorts of good stuff. And the price is very comparable with the grocery store. I realized this and realized my love for the farmers market and so, yeah, support local is maybe what I want to say. Delicious and nutritious.

To counteract the healthy goodness of food I make with farmers market produce, there’s chocolate, and slices of fat olives pizza. Too much chocolate and too many slices…

So basically I’m proud of the good food I’ve made lately, and of all the good produce in my fridge, but I’m not proud of all the chocolate I ate today. Shoot. Chris brought me some chocolate and flowers yesterday which was a really lovely surprise, but now the chocolate is gone… and now that Apollo is asleep I’m thinking about what I want to do for Chelsea time and I’m thinking of making cookies. Or I could put away my Costco groceries that I’ve been moving from counter to table to floor, the ones that have been out for three weeks or so. I just need a place for them!

Marie Kondo says that things don’t get cluttered or messy as long as they have a place to go, and as long as it sparks joy, or something like that.

Hmmm… what else…. oh! I could share some family pictures that our good friend, Sara Reed, took for us! She took pictures at our wedding too. Btw, I made some of these black and white. I don’t really know how to edit photos too well or what coloring looks best, but to each their own. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But our family pictures are very lovely and make me happy! I love looking at them. Good pics are worth it.

This is cropped from a picture, and omg, seriously, so cute. I just think he’s the cutest. His face, his ears, his fuzzy hair… he’s perfect to me. 
Family friendship bracelets for the win!

I love my family and I’m so glad to have Chris and Apollo and our home and our animals. Glad Sara could document some of these precious moments for us! Now I need to print them and splatter them all over all walls.

Also, I love Chris and Apollo and our home and animals, BUT I do get bothered by them, sometimes, except not really Apollo, and not really the cats haha. But the love is still there! Even, or maybe especially, amidst the ups and downs.


Summer to Fall

13 September 2017

I’ve been kind of holding on to summer, not ready for it to be over. I think because there’s plenty of things on my summer bucket list that I didn’t complete and because I didn’t adventure as much as I wanted. Buuuut maybe I should just turn my summer bucket list into a fall bucket list and add to it. That sounds like a good plan, Stan. I also need to finish blogging some summer fun we had.

Apollo’s first summer. It was great and thankfully we did a little bit of everything and got to spend time with lots of our loved ones. My dad was home most of the summer which was awesome. It’s always nice to have him around. And my mom, Holly, and nieces live here, so that’s lucky! And my brother is in Kenai, but I didn’t get to see him enough this summer. My sister Stacy and her boys came up and visited for about a month. “A month!” and I loved that. Chris’s mom and her husband came and visited too. And mine and Chris’s BFFs also visited at different times. Soooo good times in AK with some of our favorite people.

Chris and I spent a bit of time in Utah, Wisconsin, and California with family and good friends, which took us out of state for most of July. Summer is not the time to leave Alaska, but we had great trips out of state anyway. And here it is September and the weather is changing. Adios summer. You’ve been good to us.

A couple days ago it was still very nice and sunny and Apollo and I played outside with the neighbor boys for a while, and enjoyed our trampoline. It still felt like summer. And it felt like it was the end of summer. Especially since I FOUND TWO FOUR LEAF CLOVERS, which a big item on my summer bucket list. It was so awesome that I found them, or maybe they found me. :)

And then yesterday, it was very very fall-y. Gray, crispy weather, with yellow leaves falling and wind blowing. My nieces walked over after school and I had a great time hanging out with them. We worked on fall bucket lists and ate some chili that I whipped up supa fast. I’m now accepting that fall is here and embracing the new season.

Some carry over items from summer bucket list:

make bread, hand lettering, summit pass?, build something, walk Bishops to Diamond Creek, continue to minimize and simplify, grow something, Book of Mormon

Some new items on my fall bucket list:

temple, new passports, build a fort, go on a picket with a basket, do Homestead trail, weave something, make pumpkin pie, DIY Halloween costumes, make more musics, AK staycation, Captain Cook state park, drink lots of tea, yoga class, get Apollo’s birth certifico :), and clean the garage!

AND SUMMIT PASS, one of my favorite places in all the world… I’ve been going there for a loooong time and we haven’t made it yet this year. Not sure if I should give up on that Summit Pass dream till next year or still try to make it happen in the next couple weeks… decisions decisions.

Lower 48

Vortex Reunion of Love!

12 September 2017

July 12-16, 2017
Park City, Utah

Ten years ago on an island in the Pacific, seven young and beautiful girls came from all over the world, to create a sisterhood and eternal bonds of friendship. O’ahu was a vortex for us, drawing us in to its magic and filling us with light and love.

It’s been 10 years since our first semester at BYU-Hawaii. Life has taken each of us down different paths and to different places, but the friendship we share is the same. Gratefully, the stars aligned and we reunited again!

We came from Texas, Oregon, Washington, New Zealand, Alaska, and Utah, to gather in Park City. We brought our cute babies, (seven and a half kids in total) and our reunion was ever so sweet!

I don’t know if my words would accurately describe the love and joy I felt, so here’s some pictures which depict some of that emotion, and just some pictures to show how cute our kiddos are.


Praise Naptime 

6 September 2017

Apollo is normally napping twice a day for an hour or so each time. Sometimes he naps for two hours and sometimes 20 minutes. Naptime is a special time – an important reset for me and the boy. 

Today he napped for just over two hours! Wowie! I did a lot and enjoyed myself and Apollo woke up a happy boy, after crying and cuddling for a couple minutes. :)

Our Amazon order came in today too, so now Apollo has more drool bibs, and an amber teething necklace, and a thermometer, and a run on sentence, and some stain/odor remover, and a deshedder for animals, and some dog food, and yay. Apollo is enjoying playing with the little boxes and things that came with the order. And now he’s enjoying playing with the lid topper from his baby soap. 

Apollo and I made banana cookies this morning. Yum. I like them with lots of chocolate chips and he gets them without. 

Aaaand it’s been very rainy lately. 

And! It’s my dad’s birthday! He’s the best and we need him around. I’m lucky and blessed to have him!