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20 April 2017

January 17-January 30


Our trip to Utah in January was about FAMILY and a bit of exploring and some flying and some friends and some food and some thrift stores too. :) We had a wonderful two weeks there and everyone really enjoyed Apollo. He’s such a delightful bebe boy! <3


When we go to Utah we stay at Chris’s mom’s house. She and Ray are such wonderful hosts and we really enjoy our time there. They take great care of us and they adored little Apollo. Ray was especially happy to meet the little bambino since we chose Apollo’s middle name mostly after Ray! And my middle name is Rae too.IMG_6430

We spent time with all the family and that’s why we were there. We wanted Apollo to meet everyone who loves him so mucho! Here he is with Chris’s dad, and with Chris’s grandma Lila, and with Chris’s half brother and sister – uncle Preston and aunt Lexi.IMG_65167F2638D5-2666-425D-8215-649EB2745B45IMG_6412

Apollo also got to meet his cute cousin Lucie and his aunts Heidi and Angela! We would’ve loved if he could’ve met his aunt Jen too, but it’ll have to wait till the next trip. He has now met all of his cousins, grandparents, living great grandparents, uncles, and almost all of his aunts! Lucky boy7838A018-43D1-4040-965A-51C50A6D753BF8D1B76D-8563-4576-8582-A4F26DEE4ABC

I loved seeing how much everyone loved our little babe. Here Apollo is with my grandma Farnworth and my wonderful uncle Mark! He met some great aunt/uncles too! And some first cousin once removed and some second cousins haha. IMG_6447IMG_6450IMG_6176IMG_6184D4363343-306B-44C3-A3E7-49AFACEF6F0F

Spending quality time with family was wonderful. It’s so nice to catch up with everyone when we go to Utah and share love and stories and admire little Apollo.

While Chris was busy flying or something, I saw a few friends too. Utah is quite the melting pot and I have lots of friends there and people I’d love to see, but the time is limited.

RaNae and I visited with my mission president and his wife, and that was pretty special! Oh how I loooove the Picketts. I’m so grateful for their influence in my life. IMG_6018

And I visited with my lovely roommates from BYU Jerusalem! We were missing our Shamra girl, but it was so wonderful to catch up with Lauren and Carly. Seriously, the Jerusalem Center collects and creates the greatest people.IMG_6300

AND we spent and evening with the Ballentines! This was so special. The Ballentines are one of my family’s favorite families. We grew up across the road from each other, playing on the pulley swing, playing cops and robbers…the best neighbors and friends. It was so good to catch up with so many of them. So good.IMG_4856

Chris got to see his good friend Rob Burgon too, fighter pilot extraordinaire. Really nice to eat dinner at their home with their family. We ate some food that reminded me of Brazilian chicken stroganoff which was a happy memory.


AND we ate Brazilian food too! The rice and beans and pão de queijo were delicious. Although it cost a pretty penny. I need to learn to make rice and beans the brazilian way.


Adventures were had while we were there too. RaNae took me to some field trip hot spots and taught me some Salt Lake Valley history. It was great! We even went to thrift stores together too, which I love. I want to go to some now, because I could totally use some new clothes.

IMG_6218 84818228-094A-4BEA-8258-AA099A4B17FE 88B7791B-2BBA-4452-8539-9E50ED7FC566 8E9B7476-5C47-402D-A5CE-A1D59A328CE1 2CD4BEAA-4FE8-4D32-9A98-AC17153F1A92

Apollo was such a doll the whole trip. He is the best! And Chris and I had a great time together too, playing skip bo all night long hahaha. I love Chris’s family a lot and it’s great to be around them. And I really loved seeing and experiencing all the love people had for my sweet baby boy.

IMG_6531 IMG_6505 IMG_6089 IMG_5961 FullSizeRender EF043251-34FA-44FA-933F-ADB9421D1223

Until next time Utah! See you in JU-LY.


April the 4th be with you.

4 April 2017

Husband has been gone the past two days. We’ve survived! I much prefer having him around because Apollo and I love him so much, but some time apart is okay too sometimes. I’ve even done yoga the past two days!

I really enjoy doing yoga and think about it everyday but definitely don’t do it everyday. Anyway, life is a process and from small and simple things shall great things come to pass. 

I’ll show you (Alyssa) some pictures from our day today and talk about some things without pictures. 

Not pictured is me being frustrated with dog hair and cat hair and dog dirt and cat dirt – it’s never ending! Sometimes I deal with it better than today.  Not pictured is my toe being run over with the door, my water bottle spilling on the kitchen floor, and getting spit up in my hair. Not pictured is me waking up with Apollo every 1-2 hours last night. Not pictured is Edel’s dingleberry because she keeps eating nursing pads and sometimes diapers out of the garbage when we leave the house… that stuff is not digestible, people. 

Also not pictured is my mom and sister, who live here and make my life much richer. Not pictured is Edel jumping on the bed to cuddle with us. Not pictured is the toilet paper I bought today. Hallelujah for toilet paper. Not pictured is Apollo and me playing el piano. Not pictured are the nice store clerks at saveumore. 

Plenty of other great and less great moments and things from the day are not pictured. Buuuuut here’s some loveliness that I did capture pictures of 

Here’s Apollo in bed last night. He’s so nice to cuddle with. And I love the jam jams from Annette. 

Apollo took an earlier nap this morning because he woke up with less sleep than usual. Here he is happy and fed after his nappy! He’s such an adorable bebe boy.

Then we finally made it on our walkie. I was kind of annoyed on our walk because I’m kind of annoyed with Edel right now, I think because she’s shedding so much. And because she barks annoyingly sometimes. And because I need an attitude adjustment. She’s a good pup. But I tell her she only needs to bark if she’s part of a barking chain to save 99 Dalmatian puppies. 

After our walkie we switched snow suits and sat outside for a bit. It was nice to sit out there and watch my boy looking around.

Then we went and visited auntie Holly at her salon, which is also at our friend Peter’s tattoo shop. It was great talking with them both and I had Holly take a picture of me and the babe. We were matching (on purpose) and I wanted to document it!

Apollo got his car seat buddy toy in his mouth today! He was chowing down on it. He’s so adorable!

And facetiming with Chris. Chris is gone for a month and we do text lots throughout the day, but we’re making sure to FaceTime daily too. Praise the lord for FaceTime. It makes this time apart doable!



31 March 2017

My baby boy is over four months old. My heart is overflowing with love for little Apollo. Chris and I are so grateful he’s ours and for the joy and love he shares with everyone. And he’s so adorable. I can’t get enough of him. Here’s some recent pictures in case you haven’t seen the 5 million I’ve posted to instagram and facebooks. 

While Chris is busy working, Apollo and I have lots of great times together. He likes baths and vacuuming and going on walks and being gently dropped on the couch or bed and watching me make food and cuddling lately and reading books and playing the piano and getting the blanket tickled over his face and giraffes and run on sentences. I adore this perfect boy. 


The Storm Pooper

7 March 2017

Mr. Apollo had a pretty substantial blow out at 6 am, so naturally I had to put him in his Storm Pooper shirt. Isn’t he the cutest? I can’t get over how precious he is. 

Also, he doesn’t have a blow out at night very often, but he’s usually wearing some of my favorite onesies or pajamas when he does. Darling boy. 


Friday night yo 

3 March 2017

It’s Friday night and I’ve been hanging out with my best little Apollo boy. Okay, I seriously can’t get over how cute and adorable and perfect he is. Like, every picture that I look at I’m just in love with him. He’s so precious to me. I think everyone must have a pretty soft spot for those kiddos that they love. But for real, Apollo is just so so cute to me. I sometimes don’t want to put him down, unless I want to eat or shower or go to the bathroom, then I’m glad to put him down haha. 

My nieces came over this afternoon and hung out a bit, which was great, because Apollo and I have been home all day. I sometimes wonder if he gets bored hanging out with only me. But we usually do see other people at some point during the day. :)

Christopher husband got me this flower arrangement from Alaska Flower Mill and that’s cool beans! They smell lovely and fresh and are so beautiful to look at. And the cats have only knocked it over once! :)

Chris is in Anchorage tonight preparing for a pilot y exam tomorrow. So me and boy and the animals are home without him. I’ve been making lasagna and muffins and doing laundry and listening to the Lumineers and cuddling Apollo and watching the Great British Baking Show. It’s the best show ever. I love it. Britian really knows how to make some good tv. 

Okie dokie, just wanted to do a little update and now I shall slumber! Boa noite gente!

Lower 48

California pt. 1

21 February 2017

January 8 – January 16

Be prepared: photo dump

Our drive from Vegas to Ojai was great for the first half and okay for the second. Poor Apollo was kind of tired of being in his carseat I think. Buuuuut we made it, and Brady was so cute and waiting for us when we arrived! I adore that nephew of mine. He’s almost 3.

So fun to be with my sister and have our boys together! And good to rest too.


Fortunately, baby Hudson, who is 10 weeks older than little Apollo, had some of the same onesies! This made for good pictures together. 

I made sure to go on some good adventures with sweet Brady boy while we were in CA. We’d walk around the lot and rode our favorite trolley! And I just strapped Apollo on in a wrap and he was good to go. He’s so easy and perfect.

Here’s when we went and cruised around on Brady’s scooter through some good rain puddles. California is in need of water, and it hasn’t rained there much at all. BUT while we were there it rained a whole lot which was great for them! I would’ve been happy with sunshine too. :) And poor Chris needed clear skies for flying, but didn’t get it.Chris wasn’t around too much because he was busy working on his commercial pilot’s license. Brady just loves Chris “Tiss” though and was so happy with the time he got with him, whether it was reading at night or burying treasure in the yard or walking outside.

While we were there we slept at my uncle Jaret’s house. Stacy’s house is pretty little and perfectly cozy, and my uncle Jaret lives right down the street. So nice to just walk back and forth at morning and night and get good time with my sister and our baby boys.

And it was great being at church together too! I love that we have babies together! It’s so fun and good! Stacy’s husband, Scott, is in the bishopric and he’s a real champ. And it’s always great visiting the Ojai ward. It feels so familiar and good.

My dad grew up in Ojai and his parents live there still. They’re 91 and 92 so he’s been spending a lot of time there to help them. So when we’re there visiting, we often get to see my dear ol’ dad, which is always a treat! He’s a funny peach and I love and appreciate him. 

So our week in Ojai was really great. I loved spending time with my sister and our boys. And it was great to see my funny dad and funny uncle. I didn’t get to see my grandparents much because they were pretty sick, but luckily we got to go back to California after two weeks in Utah! Chris’s flight training totally did not go as planned while we were there, which was a challenge, but it worked out. Things always do!

Lower 48

Las Vegas

17 February 2017

December 31 – January 7


We spent a week in Henderson, Nevada with Chris’s brother and his family. It was nice to get a little bit of sunshine, and it was especially nice to get a bunch of family time. My brother and sister in law and their four beautiful kids loved spending time with Apollo. It was so sweet and good to see them all love my boy.


When Chris and I go on trips to visit people, we’re totally good with just hanging out. It’s always good to explore and adventure around and experience new things, but spending time together is usually most important. And we had a really great week just hanging out with these guys. Bre and Lincoln and their kids are really great.

And of course, Apollo was so adorable. He had some great big big smiles and I noticed he was especially happy in the mornings.


Apollo’s belly button got a little funky while we were there. Based on what I saw and read online, he had an umbilical granuloma, and it was just too moist and didn’t dry out all that it needed too.

We did do a little adventuring while there and checked out the Hoover Dam. Cool with a capital C. I only wish we would’ve walked all the way across the bridge into Arizona! Would’ve given Apollo another state on his list. :) Really cool to see and learn a bit about though. AND my sister in law and I went to the strip to check out Carlo’s bakery and Buddy V’s restaurant! I’m a cake boss fan, so it was pretty neat to see that. I did miss BUDDY  though. :) Also, I didn’t care for the baked goods all that much, but the restaurant was great.

AND here’s another picture of my darling boy the night before we left.


We had a great week there, and I even watched Fuller House season 2 with Bre and Bella! And that was great. And we ate cafe rio and sweet tomatoes and zupas and some great ice cream.

And then…

And then….

And then and then and then and then and then

we drove to California. Beaut.


Wintry snowy day!

16 February 2017

We woke up to a load of snow! And that is always exciting. The snow was very delicious this morning but I didn’t eat enough of it, but fortunately I at least went out to wander in jt. 

Yesterday was snowy too, and look at these beautiful pictures. 

On Valentine’s Day we went on our first annual valentines family beach walk. It was very very excellent.  

And Sunday…. look at my adorable boy! HE IS THE BEST AND THE CUTEST AND I CAN’T BELIEVE HOW MUCH I LOVE HIM. my heart is so full. This little boy of mine fills me with joy. I just love being his mama. I love it. 

PS I’m in bed with Apollo now and Chris is studying for more pilot stuff. I haven’t brushed my teeth and I need to but I don’t want to stop cuddling with Apollo. I’m getting my second ever cold. I’m thirsty. I miss Hawaii. I love our home. I want to update my blog more. And I want to love and serve people more. And drink more water and do yoga yo. Kthanksbye. 

Lower 48

Super Bowl LI

5 February 2017

Husband and Apollo and I have been in California the past week and today is super bowl Sunday. We enjoyed some football, great food, and good family time. 

My grandma has been pretty ill and we went and visited her in the hospital. It was good to see her smiling, but so sad to think it might be the last time I see her. I’m so grateful she and Apollo got to meet, even if it was brief. She was happy to see the little babe. 

My grandad bore a seeet testimony at church today and said how he misses his wife and how they’ve been married 68 years. What a long time! He loves the Lord and his family and my dear grandma. 

Here’s our adorable football, and some of the tasty food we ate. 

And now, as I go to beddie bye… I think if the gratitude I have my wonderful blessings. It was a good Sunday if family, food, and football. 



12 January 2017

We flew to Vegas and Apollo was a champ on the airplane! No issues at all. I love my boys. 

My goals and thoughts for 2017… I still need to ponder on them more… but as always, I want to do more yoga. And I want to be a really good neighbor! We don’t even know a couple of our neighbors. And I plan on drinking lots and lots of água!


Last day in Alaska

30 December 2016

I am so thankful for little Apollo, in case you didn’t know. He’s the best and these past weeks with him have been the best. 

We’re getting ready to leave home for January, and here’s some photos from the last day. 

I totally play dress up with him sometimes. How could you not? These overalls don’t fit him yet, but so cute! I love how he’s looking up at me in the picture. 

We went out on the town, aka we left the house, and visited my Mom at work and went to my sister’s house. 

Apollo was so cute and smiley while visiting grammy!

And at my sister’s house, we had a great time hanging out with everyone and playing with the girls. 

Natalie and Katy sure love their baby nephew. We played uno attack and Katy pretty much held sleepy Apollo the whole time. 

Going on a trip means we have to leave the animals, which is sad. :( Chris and Apollo and I want to do lots of wanderings, but it’s always sad to leave home and the animals. Fortunately we have a good friend staying at our house for us and we are so grateful for that!!!

And a little extra something to brighten your day… haha Apollo is so precious. And this picture of him sort of reminded my mom and I of this princess bride (and clueless) movie star. Funny. 


Cuddles and cat pee

28 December 2016


I don’t feel I did much today but cuddle cuddle cuddle. Here’s pictures for proof. :) I LOVE SNUGGLING MY PRECIOUS BOY. 

At about 4:30, Apollo and I were finally ready to leave the house and go visit my peeps and go to the store. He was fed and had a clean diaper and I had a clean diaper too. Jk, no diapers for me. Although I totally have much less bladder control than I did pre baby. 

I had some clothes on and I finally decided what I wanted Apollo to wear haha. So I go to put him in his car seat, and CAT PEE.

Super bummer. We didn’t get to leave the house, and the cat(s) is upset with us or maybe has a bladder problem/infection or something. AND I had to take the car seat apart and clean it while my baby boy cried. 

His car seat smells strongly like laundry detergent and not like cat pee. And we need to give the animals more love. Little boy sure is loved though!



27 December 2016

Oh how I love the Christmas season! It’s especially better having Apollo around, because he’s so adorable and makes everything mo’ betta. For Christmas Eve we went to three parties, clad in our Christmas sweaters of course. First we spent a few hours at my mom’s house with my family and a couple friends. My family loves having Apollo around and we love being around all of them too. Then we went to a couple houses of our friends and family like friends from church. We played games, ate yummy food, and lastly watched It’s a Wonderful Life.


Chris did some good Santa Claus work on Christmas Eve and we woke up to full stockings and extra presents under the tree! Christmas morning was a little atypical with getting ready for church instead of busting out to the tree and making present piles, but it’s a magical time no matter what.

It was wonderful singing Christmas hymns at church and hearing talks about the Savior. When we came home, we spent a while with Apollo helping him become calm and content again, after an upset stomach or something, and then we watched the Nativity video. I love the church’s Bible videos.

Also, LOVE our stockings from my mother in law’s causing. Love them. And I love my olive wood nativity from the Holy Land. And our cute little peg people family too! Thanks Kirsten!


After opening each other’s great presents, we took the best family nap yet. It was so good that I had to pretend I was napping a take a picture. :) Seriously good nap though. Unfortunately when Apollo and I finally got up it was like 5 pm and dark though and sort of felt like Christmas was over.


Here I am sporting a few of my favorite gifts! My sweet mama bear shirt (which I am wearing for the 3rd day in a row, but I have washed it), my new leggings, my unikitty socks, and my Brazil necklace with a heart on it that Chris had some portuguese engraved on! We gave and received some excellent gifts this year.img_5051

Here’s our pebble people (and pets) from my sister Holly. We love it! Chris and Chelsea and Apollo and Edelweiss and Bel and Piper. So funny.img_5037

And here’s some Christmas aftermath. We did get the house mostly cleaned up yesterday whilest listening to the Moana soundtrack. The tree and lights and few decorations are still mostly out, but all the wrapping paper and presents are put away. img_5023

And Chris got me an instant camera! Fujifilm instax mini 8 or something, and I LOVE IT. And here’s a picture with our best Christmas gift this year, precious little Apollo. I LOVE THIS BOY SO MUCH. I CAN’T KISS HIM ENOUGH. He’s the best. So cute. I’ll go on more about him later. :)img_5049


First adventure walk with Natalie and Katy 

23 December 2016

My sister’s two girls are a big and important part of my life. They turned me into an aunt and made all my aunt dreams come true! And they still do. And they really love their baby cousin. 

I was hanging out at their house today and they asked if we could go on an “adventure walk”, which is something we’ve always done together. So we did! Ask and ye shall receive, plus I don’t like to say no to the girls very often. 

We had a lovely time wandering around their snowy back woods. We played some forest games and the girls showed me their forts and where they have some buried treasure. 

I bundled Apollo up and he snoozed through it, so he enjoyed some rest and some fresh air. 

As for me, I’ve gone on three walks today and my hemorrhoids could use a rest. :) I love our snowy weather and time with my people. 


Day 33 with the best boy

23 December 2016

I am so tired! I just have some extra sleep debt from the past couple nights, so I guess I’m blogging instead of sleeping right meow…..
Chris hasn’t been around the past few days at all. He’s been up in Anchorage, so the little cherub and I have been on our own. We’ve had a good time but it’s much easier and better and more fun with Dad around!
I did get a nap today, praise the Lord, but Apollo was pretty upset for a while for reasons I don’t really know, so it took a long time to get my nap. And he and I would fall asleep a few minutes and he’d start crying again. It was probably some gas and some over tiredness and some general upsetness at something. Babies have off days just like adults do I imagine. 

But sleeping with him was really nice and I do love to hold him and kiss his head. I just love him. 

We went on a good walk today and wrapped a few Christmas presents and I did my best to meet his needs. We ate a really healthy dinner, and a smoothie instead of ice cream, so I’d call that success. Okay I’m sleepy. Tata. 


Three years <3

21 December 2016

Winter solstice marked three years of wedded greatness for Chris and me. He was up in Anchorage till about 5 pm, which isn’t what either of us wanted for our anniversary, but it turned out to be grand anyway! And he got us new tires for our car and the oil changed and that’s all good. 

For me, the day commenced with some cuddling with my perfect baby boy. 

And then came bath time for the cherub. He made a little poo in his towel, but nothing too serious. Goodness, he’s so cute. I just love love love him. 

Then we had some more cuddling and a little nappie. 

And once Chris got home, we celebrated with dinner and a movie! Our third family birthday with another family date night. 
We ate at Two Sisters. We’ve had lots of lunches there and eaten many a baked good, but this was the first time doing dinner there. We got some pretty little salads, crab fresh rolls, and a huge tasty bowl of macaroni and cheese. 
Here’s Chris keeping Apollo occupied so I could eat the delicious mac n cheese we ordered. I love how proud Chris is of our boy. 

And then us three went to el movies. We watched Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – YAY for the magical world. Apollo did great. I changed his diaper on a public changing table for the first time, which wasn’t that eventful, but it’s another first. I tried to keep his ears covered for most of it because there were lots of loud parts in the movie. 

Happy anniversary to my Christopher Boy. I’m really grateful I chose to marry him because the past three years have been full of grand adventures and lots of simple joys. And the best day of these past three years was when sweet Apollo was born. I’m glad I’ve got Chris to enjoy this journey with. 


Apollo at One Month

19 December 2016

We’ve only had little Apollo with us for one month, but I can’t and don’t want to imagine any life without him. I love my sweet boy and I love taking care of him. Being the mother to this child is the best. It’s just what I was made for. 

Apollo didn’t feel the best today so we had a pretty low key day of cuddling, rocking, shushing, resting and walking around the house. He just didn’t feel well and it was probably something I ate that didn’t settle with him. I wonder how long it takes for what I eat to turn into breast milk.

Apollo likes to cuddle, eat, sleep, look at lights, be in the bath/shower, listen to our voices, and hang out on his changing pad in front of the window. 

He’s really mellow and content. He’s brought so much peace to our home and even to the world. Everyone is excited to meet him and give him love, and he has received so much love already. What a sweet month it has been, the best one of our lives. 


Apollo Ray’s Blessing Day

18 December 2016

My sweet Christopher blessed our sweet first born at church on Sunday. This is a moment that I’ve been pondering since before I was even pregnant with little Apollo.

First of all, it was a feat to make it to church on time. :) In this past month with our boy, the only other time that I had somewhere to be before noon, was to his one week check up at 9:30 am. So church at 10… not as easy as it once was. It’s just more to coordinate to make sure he and I are both ready, and that he’s all fed and content before we leave. And I have a hard time deciding what to wear because I have to wear clothes that I can nurse in, but I knew what Apollo was going to wear! Precious boy in his little suit. And we arrived at church about 9:53. Nice.

I love how he is looking at Chris and me in these pictures.



His blessing was one of gratitude, for the wonderful spirit that he brought to the world, and especially the spirit he brings to our family. It is a spirit of contentment and a spirit of peace.

Apollo is blessed to be a steady force for good, that he will love his fellow man and be kind to others, that he will reach out to the down trodden and those who need help.

He is blessed to be a follower of Christ.

And to be a peacemaker in this world, in his family, friendships, and relationships.

Apollo is given a blessing to have a special connection to his Heavenly Father and a special knowledge of Jesus Christ that he will be eager to share with others in his younger years and adult life. He is blessed that he will spread the word by serving a mission and by starting and having an eternal family founded on temple marriage and sealing.

Apollo, your family loves you dearly, not only your blood family but you ward family. You have so many friends and special people you can reach out to to learn from.

Apollo is blessed to grow strong and healthy and happy. <3


We love our boy, and I pray that he can always feel our love and God’s love and all the love around him.