Bible Zoos and Dead Sea Scrolls

4 February 2009
We had a free day all day today! Hooray! So we went to the Biblical Zoo today, which is really just a regular zoo, with Bible scriptures on all the little plaques. Then we went to the Israel Museum, where Brother Skinner told us all about the Jerusalem model of 66 AD and Jerusalem in Jesus time, and we also saw the Dead Sea Scrolls there. What a fabulous free day today!
chillin’ at the zoo with the cool kids


11:11 at the zoo… MAKE A WISH!

girlies being tigers with the tigers

By the way, I don’t know how I feel about zoos… that poor tiger in the tiny little caged area, with people just looking at it through windows. It is cool being able to see all of these amazing animals though.
Dearest Marianne and I, being fishies with the fishies!!!

The bears were so teeny tiny, nothing like the big beastly Alaskan ones.

cool kids with the bear sculpture

There was a map showing where the animals lived and look at what Alaska looks like. It looks like a little nothing piece of land, when AK is really this huge beastly area of amazingness.

Rafikis! Yahoo! I love these fun animals.

Lemur Land/Zoboo Land: “I was leaping along. Leap… leap… leap… leap… leap…” Who remembers the Kratt Brothers and Zoboomafoo?

Ryan and I in the bird house! I wish little Natalie were here in the birdie house with me. 

Blue skies… sunshine… blossoms! A happy day here in the Holy Land.

Shelby crawled through this little tunnel and then his head popped out in this little dome so that he could get a better look at those meerkats. 
Guess what these are… NAKED MOLE RATS! One of the world’s most interesting little creatures.

And this little number is a capybara, another incredibly interesting creature, and not the prettiest one.
here’s me and the funny funny flamingoes

This is for you favorite twins…

This is the gift shop at the Biblical Zoo… shaped just like Noah’s Ark. Gotta love this place.

We left the zoo and there was my favorite car, a 1991 Subaru Loyale!


There is incredible replica of Jerusalem in 66 AD. It is the best one ever, and it is on a scale of 1 to 50, and Bro. Skinner told us all about it. He is just so full of knowledge and he told and showed us everything about the last few days of the life of Jesus. It was amazing to see and to understand more about. 

This is the SHRINE OF THE BOOK. Inside is the Dead Sea Scrolls. I saw them. Wow. Oh my goodness there is just oodles of history over here. 

I love free days.

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